Project Spotlight: Complete Roof Blow-off from Hurricane Harvey

ArticleImages SpotlightIn the fall of 2017, Hurricane Harvey had a major impact on the coast of Texas and Berry Global. Berry Global’s Victoria, TX manufacturing plant suffered a complete roof blow off during the storm. Their first call was to CentiMark.

Within five days of the storm hitting, Berry Global’s roof was watertight. It took 45 CentiMark crew members to install a temporary roof on the 190,500 square foot facility. They were back in business while a permanent solution was developed between Berry Global, Factory Mutual and CentiMark.

The Permanent Solution:

Due to the amount of damage, the solution included complete tear off and replacement of approximately 25,000 square feet of decking. Along with the tear off, CentiMark removed obsolete projections and HVAC units that remained on the roof. The new roof assembly consisted of two layers of insulation and a mechanically attached 60-mil TPO membrane. The installation was Factory Mutual approved, including additional deck enhancements bringing the building up to code per their insurance requirements for wind rating.

All the workmanship and materials are backed by CentiMark’s 20 year Single Source Warranty.

Thank you Berry Global for trusting CentiMark with your roofing needs!

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Which Patch is Best for Your Floors?

ArticleImages PatchWould you buy a car without test driving it first? If not, why would you buy flooring products without having a demo done first? You can do just that with all of QuestMark’s patch and repair products.

The demo process is fairly simple and provides you the opportunity to “test” the product before making any final decisions on which is the best for your floors. The process saves you the time and investment of going through multiple products that just don’t fit your needs.

Here is How the Demo Process Works:

  1. Meet with your QuestMark Project Manager to review your existing flooring needs.
  2. Determine the best problem area to conduct a free product demo.
  3. Determine the best product solution for your needs.
  4. Demo is completed along with educating in-house personnel on how to install and what to look for.
  5. Demo takes the everyday beating of regular business operations.
  6. Project Manager returns to evaluate the demo.
  7. Customer is set up with an account in QuestMark’s online catalog for repeat ordering.

Through QuestMark’s online catalog, the ease of purchasing products is completed through options such as PunchOut capabilities, auto reordering and even reminders for reordering. There are a variety of patch, repair and maintenance products and supplies available for purchase at

The demo process is a great way for you to leverage your spend by ordering the right product at the right time, not make unnecessary purchases and have a peace of mind you have the right solution in place for all your flooring needs.

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How Long-Term Planning Can Help You Maximize Your Roofing Dollars

ArticleImages PlanningYou might be thinking, how does long-term planning tie into roofing? Maybe you just installed a new roof or your roof is just a few years old, maybe it is closer to the end of its useful life. In all these scenarios, proper planning of your long-term investment can help you maximize your roofing dollars.

A proper roof evaluation, such as CentiMark’s Asset Management Program, will help educate you on the condition of your roof. It will identify existing roof conditions and define repair and replacement needs. The end result is a Roof Life Index score, a score that is based on objective data that provides a gauge of the life of your roof.

What does this mean for you? You are able to use this information and determine the proper timing of your repair or replacement needs which in turn will help you properly budget for your capital and operating roofing expenses. With a timeline and budget in place, you will be able to maximize the value of your asset by not reroofing too early and save money by reroofing on time and not waiting until it is too late. If you wait to reroof until it is too late, you run the risk of incurring additional expense due to wet insulation removal and deck replacement.

Gain peace of mind knowing you are maximizing your roofing dollars by having CentiMark’s Asset Management Report performed.

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Communication and Customer Service

ArticleImages CommunicationWhen we think of exceptional customer service, communication is the first thing that comes to mind. It is the contractor’s responsibility to communicate project updates and to follow-up post project, but it is also their responsibility to make it easy for customers to get in touch with them when needed.

When hiring a roofing contractor, make sure they will have ongoing communication with you before, throughout and after your project. Some communication you should expect includes; education on your solutions and why it is the best fit for your needs, timeline of the project, updates throughout the project and finally follow-up after the project is completed. Having a single point of contact makes this communication process easier and more effective for both the customer and contractor.

So how is CentiMark’s customer service? Here is what one of our customers had to say:

“I’m writing to tell you what a great experience that your staff provided from the first inspection to the final inspection. If someone asked me what is special about CentiMark, my answer is their ability to communicate throughout the whole job. An example of this happened midway throughout job, when a strong wind storm was forecasted. The CentiMark crew had already “battened down the hatches”. During the storm, the superintendent called us and was willing to drive an hour to check out that everything was ok. I told him that it wasn’t necessary since they had done a good job of securing everything and the wind did not cause any problems.“ Bruce Cameron, Director of Facilities & Transportation, Compassion Place, Baltimore, MD May 22, 2018

Back in the 1970’s CentiMark started focusing on their customer service offering. The initial offering included one point of contact nationwide, an 800 number for customer service and 24/7 answering services for emergency response. Later an online roof management application,, was implemented to provide customers access to their project information anytime, anywhere. Today we also have a Quality Assurance Program in place. A CentiMark representative reaches out to customers providing them updates on current projects and follows up after the project is complete to obtain feedback. They act as an advocate for you, our customer.

Our goal is to make sure you have the best customer experience possible throughout your project.

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