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Puerto Rico was hit hard in 2017 from multiple hurricanes (Irma and Maria). Unfortunately, the Ardent Mills facility in Puerto Rico sustained damage to the roof, including the grain and flour silos. Because of the sensitive nature of food processing, it was imperative they find a quick solution that would not contaminate any product. Ardent Mills turned to their national roofing partner, CentiMark.

Before CentiMark could assess the damage, a structural engineer had to evaluate the building and deem it safe to access the roof. Once that was done, CentiMark conducted a complete roof evaluation to determine the extent of the damage and the best long-term solution.

In this case, the solution was not a “one size fits all.” There ended up being a few different solutions based on the deck type, building height and the need for varying degrees of wind load. Many of the flat roof surfaces on the manufacturing and office facilities were replaced with 60 mil TPO membrane that was either mechanically attached or fully adhered.

The grain and flour silos received a hybrid coating called VersaFlex - a spray application with granules spread during the application that provide a non-slip finish. The coating is a fast drying, highly durable and long-term solution that will withstand high winds.

This project was challenging as much of the work was completed on roofs over 100 – 150 feet in height, requiring our crews to be fully tied off 100% of the time. The fall arrest systems were anchored to the concrete decks and upon completion, the anchoring holes were patched with grout and concrete filler.

The Ardent Mill’s project was completed while maintaining regular business operations and without any contamination to their products. Additionally, the workmanship and materials are backed by CentiMark’s 20-year Single Source Warranty.

Thank you, Ardent Mills, for trusting CentiMark with your roofing needs!

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LandingPage RoofWinter – Spring – Summer – Fall

How the changing seasons affect your roof.

As we change seasons, it is important to understand the impact that weather has on your building’s roof.

In the fall, your roof can get covered in leaves. Once the leaves fall, it is important that gutters and downspouts are free of debris and flowing properly. Additionally, if your area endured any significant storms, and you didn’t have your roof inspected after the storms, now is a good time. The inspection will identify damage and needed repairs, allowing you to get them fixed before winter.

Snow and ice threaten the health of your roof. When water forms to ice, it expands placing pressure on flashing and voids in the roof. It can also clog gutters, drains and downspouts, preventing water from flowing through the drainage system. Snow and ice can build up on certain areas of the roof, causing extra weight on the structure. Without snow dams on sloped roofs, snow and ice can slide off the roof potentially hurting someone.

As the threat of snow and ice decreases and spring begins, your roof should be inspected for any damage done in the harsh winter months. The spring is also a dangerous time for the roof because of numerous spring showers. This typically heavy rain can enter behind neglected metal components void of caulking resulting in leaks.

Summer is the perfect time to clean your roof. Dirt and debris darken the color of your roof, which promotes higher roof surface temperatures. White single ply sheets are highly reflective and minimize heat loads when clean.

The summer is also an appropriate time to have a roof evaluation which will help you understand the life expectancy of your roof. The evaluation will provide you with a written report that will outline any needed repairs or maintenance and establish an estimated roof life index (age expectancy). All the information gathered will support your budgeting and timing of future needs.

Even though your roof is out of sight; don’t let it be out of mind. Use the change of seasons as a guide to help you get the most out of your roof.

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LandingPage ParkingThe Cost of a First Impression.

Are there cracks, pot holes or areas that are heaving in your sidewalk, parking lot or parking deck? Have your surfaces sustained any damage from the weather or have areas showing signs of wear and tear? Maintaining your exterior surfaces will allow your building to make the best first impression.

What is the cost of that first impression? Let’s look at the numbers associated with parking lot sealing as compared to a more substantial QuestMark Traffic Solution.



On average, typical pavement reseal solutions last one to two years with the need to re-mill parking lots within ten years. With QuestMark’s Traffic Solutions you are looking at resealing every three to five years. This will also push the re-mill expense out past ten years. With the patch and repair work completed prior to resealing, you will save money by allowing you to maintain a safe environment for your customers and employees, all while minimizing business disruption.

QuestMark’s Traffic Solutions are engineered to last longer and help preserve your sidewalks, parking lots and decks. With superior protection and durability, it is specifically formulated to:

  • Protect asphalt and concrete against UV, water and chemical damage
  • Prevent cracking and deterioration
  • Allow flexibility in cold temperatures
  • Keep pavement and exterior environments cooler with solar reflective colors
  • Provide superior slip and skid resistance
  • Renew existing asphalt or concrete areas
  • Protect heavy traffic areas with high mil thickness
  • Provide a water-based alternative that is safer for the environment

In addition to protecting your surfaces, ensure your investment is protected through our Single Source coating warranty for up to five years. We not only stand behind our work but we provide you with a preventative maintenance program that will help prolong the life of your investment.

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Why Snow and Ice Removal from Your Roof is Important

CentiMark Snow Removal. Calvert

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