Spring Towards Your Facility's Exterior Needs



Springtime for property managers and owners creates a sense of urgency around roof inspections and maintenance work after difficult winter weather across the country. Following the snow, sleet, ice, winds and temperature fluctuations (freeze/thaw), comes the rain, sleet, hail and wind of spring weather. These weather related issues can not only lead to roof leaks, but to other problems that may compromise or cause failure to your roof system. Additionally, your roof needs to be inspected and maintained to meet the requirements of a roof warranty.

You can schedule a roof inspection to assess conditions and complete any roof repairs or address safety needs. A roof preventative maintenance program can also help restore your roof to optimal performance. You may save money in the long run and extend the life of your roof by taking care of roof repairs before they result in premature roof failure.

Here’s an interesting statistic: For every $1 invested in a preventative maintenance program for your roof, it is estimated that you can save $5 in re-roofing costs and extend the life of your roof. The service life for a roof without a Preventative Maintenance Program is estimated to be 12 years, drastically reduced from its intended service life of 20 years.

Traffic Solutions

It isn’t just your roof you should be thinking about. Your traffic solutions such as parking decks, sidewalks, and exterior concrete surfaces generally provide the first impression of your business for customers, vendors and employees. If there are cracks, bumps, holes and other safety hazards, repairs need to be made as soon as the winter weather breaks.

By scheduling regular Traffic Solution inspections and repairs, you can provide a safer environment at your facility, save money and minimize disruption to your business. The repair of cracks and deterioration using various products can protect the concrete against water, chemicals and pollution.

Act now and get your roof or traffic solution inspection and repairs scheduled.

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Spring Into Action on Your Roofing Projects

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After the difficult winter weather across the country, everyone is ready for spring! Snow, ice, hail, winds, rain and severe temperature changes can damage roof membranes, gutters, flashings and accessories.

One important task to prepare for spring is to schedule your roofing projects now.

The advantages of getting your project scheduled now are:

  • The cost savings of completing any needed repairs now versus in the future when they are bigger problems and result in more costly repairs or replacement.
  • Avoid scheduling delays associated with warmer weather.
  • Protect your costs.
  • Creative financing available to meet cash flow needs.
  • Accelerated start and completion dates.
  • Your new roof will be an asset protecting your building during the summer and beyond.

What roof system or repairs are right for your facility? When making a decision, you should consider your building type, budget and regional climate. CentiMark’s roofing professionals can help you find the solution that is the best fit for your roofing needs.

Being proactive with your roofing needs is a spring activity. Let’s get your roof project booked during this buyer’s market.

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CentiMark’s New Global Account Service Director


CentiMark is proud to announce Don Lyter’s promotion as Global Accounts Service Director. In his new role, Don will be responsible for both examining CentiMark’s current service offerings as well as developing several new service initiatives. Don brings over 25 years of roofing and flooring experience to his new position and has vast experience in operations, sales and customer service.

Don will be working with CentiMark’s customers to provide a unique service offering that is inclusive of roofing, flooring and traffic solutions. Don will strive to help clients maximize the life expectancy of these assets so that their full intended value can be recognized. “I am very excited about my new role and responsibilities. As a company we recognize that helping customers capture and fully utilize their expense budget is something that is too often overlooked. Proper attention to this can pay long-term dividends for our customers. Leveraging our size, technological infrastructure, world class partners and desire to best serve our customers is something I look forward to as we prepare to redefine the service aspect of our industry,” Don Lyter, Global Accounts Service Director.

For more information about how Don and CentiMark Corporation can help your organization with your service needs, please feel free to contact Don at 331-465-3027, e-mail him at or complete the form on the right to schedule an appointment.


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