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The Sky is the Limit

CentiMark introduces its revolutionary 3D Virtual Assessment Program.

Our innovative program is taking our trusted roofing services to the next level. Utilizing state-of-the-art light detection and ranging (LiDar) technology and drones with high definition, infrared, thermal imaging capabilities, our associates will be able to safely obtain an entirely new perspective when inspecting not only your roof, but your entire facility.

With the use of this new technology, you can eliminate multiple site visits by various inspectors, consultants or facility managers. These drones can take thousands of high-definition images to provide you with an interactive, virtual roof walk. This drone technology can also detect potential heating or cooling problems to help increase efficiency. You will be able to use this interactive platform to gather information, analyze current conditions and make roofing decisions, including budgetary planning.

Factors that can be audited using our 3D Virtual Assessment Program:

  • Roofing
  • Parking lots
  • HVAC
  • Security fence lines
  • Sidewalks
  • Signage
  • Site and property development
  • Windows and doors
  • Ammonia, gas and electrical lines
  • Electrical panels
  • Landscaping
  • Facility safety
  • Weather damage

Ultimately, this cutting-edge program results in a quicker assessment time, a centralization of your data and increased safety.

Schedule your 3D Virtual Assessment and see the difference today! Complete the form on the right.


It’s Budgeting Season!

Take the guess-work out of your 2020 roofing, flooring and parking deck budgets. Here’s everything you need to know about how CentiMark and QuestMark can help you plan for your upcoming repair, replacement and maintenance budgets.

Get a jump start now by scheduling a free inspection of your roof, floor or parking decks to determine the condition and if any repairs, replacement or maintenance is needed. A representative will provide you with written documentation, photography, solution recommendations and cost estimates.

We also have more advanced programs including, Asset Alert and Asset Management, which provide more detail into the life expectancy of your assets and building envelope. Having a thorough understanding of the condition of your roofs and floors, as well as your parking decks, will help you plan and prioritize where and how to spend your 2020 budget.

Replacing your assets too soon prevents you from maximizing your investment. Additionally, replacing too late could increase your costs due to additional expenses such as insulation or deck replacement. This is why it’s important to work with a knowledgeable and experienced contractor who can help you make the best decisions for your roofs, floors and parking decks.

Your CentiMark or QuestMark representative can work with you to help develop condition-based strategies specifically for your building. You will then be able to accurately prioritize the needed maintenance, repairs or replacement based on your budget.

Act now to schedule your inspection so you can maximize your investment and start making the best decisions for your 2020 budget.

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Fall Cleaning for Your Commercial Floors

Clean your floors! Keeping your floors clean, stain free and in great condition is critical. QuestMark’s flooring solutions include providing the materials to clean and maintain your floors along with the training of in-house staff.

Cleaning Projects and Improvements for your Floor:

  • 1. In-House Training: This is a great time to schedule a Flooring 101 Seminar to understand flooring needs and services and how to extend the life of your floor. Then, order the proper cleaning materials to keep your floors clean in order to maintain the life of the floor and the warranty coverage.
  • 2. Stain Remediation: Remove the unsightly areas of your floor caused by spills or other items that have stained your polished concrete or terrazzo floor.
  • 3. Floor Polish: Take your floors back to their original shine with a burnishing treatment.
  • 4. Slip Meter Floor Friction Testing: Protect your employees, customers and vendors by having the slip resistance of your floor measured for slip and fall prevention. Make sure your floor is code compliant with floor friction testing.
  • 5. Walk-off Mats: Purchase now and replace your worn or torn walk-off mats. New mats will help your employees eliminate the potential of floor slips and falls as well as damage from the rock salt.
  • 6. SaltGuard: Increase the traction on concrete or coated floors to prevent slip and fall accidents along with adding an extra layer of protection. SaltGuard will help you protect your floors from the harsh winter chemicals used to melt snow in parking lots and on sidewalks.

With the beginning of fall and the upcoming holiday season, let QuestMark help you evaluate your floors and determine which service, maintenance or cleaning products are needed. QuestMark will work with you to determine the proper cleaning schedule and techniques and any additional support based on your needs and floor system.

Regular maintenance and cleaning will help maximize the life of your floors and the safety of those in the building. Purchasing QuestMark’s maintenance and cleaning products is easy as they are all available on our online shop. Visit our shop today or contact us for a free floor evaluation or product demonstration.

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TipOfMonthTips of the Month:

Flooring: Plant Shutdowns

Leverage your holiday downtime to get flooring projects done, keep your facilities safe and production high. QuestMark, a division of CentiMark Corporation, will help with any of your flooring needs. Give us a list of your flooring needs and goals for the shutdown - we’ll prepare a schedule, order materials and mobilize crews to work 24/7 if necessary to complete the projects.

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Roofing: 2020 Budgets

Take the guess-work out of your 2020 budget. Make sure you are planning in advance, know the condition of your roof, floors and parking decks and have a strategy for any maintenance, repair or replacement needs.

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Top100Logo2Topping the Roofing Contractor List in 2019

CentiMark has been recognized as the #1 Roofing Contractor by revenue ($670.5 million) in Roofing Contractor Magazine, for the ninth consecutive year.

“We’re very proud and honored to have been recognized as a strong leader in the roofing industry for decades,” states Timothy M. Dunlap, CentiMark President & COO. "The ‘Mark’ in our name CentiMark was chosen in 1987 to represent the ‘mark’ that we made at that time and will continue to make in the commercial roofing industry. This included: early adopters of EPDM membranes; Single Source warranties; customer service initiatives; a comprehensive National Account Program; technological initiatives to benefit both customers and staff; and, organic geographical expansion throughout North America."

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