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2021 Budget Season

Time flies! Budgeting season is here. Getting your 2021 roofing budget prepared now can help you properly allocate your capital and operating expense spend so you can get the best return on your investment. Develop an accurate budget for your 2021 needs by understanding the current condition of your roof.

We have four different options to fit your needs and goals for 2021 budgeting. Every option will provide you with an understanding of your roof to supply you with the tools you need to make smart budgeting decisions. What’s left is for you to pick which option works best for your business and how in depth you want to get based on the current condition of your roof.

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    General Inspection

    A general inspection is a quick and efficient way to receive an understanding on the overall condition of your roof. Receive a roof condition report, photographs, cost estimates and recommendations for repairs or replacement. Based on our findings, we will work with you to develop a condition-based strategy specific to your individual needs and building. This way, you’ll be able to get accurate budget numbers for the upcoming year based on the projects that need to be completed.
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    Asset Alert

    Asset Alert is designed to provide you with a general understanding of the current condition of your roofs. An evaluation of the roof’s condition and designation into one of four categories for the expected roof life will be done. The four categories for your expected roof life are:

- Beyond 10 years
- 6 to 10 years
- 2 to 5 years
- Less than 2 years

You will also receive suggestions on how to extend the expected life of your roof. This can include recommendations for preventative maintenance, roof repairs or roof replacement if needed. This program identifies areas of high-risk potential, giving objective criteria to maximize budgets.

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    Asset Management

    CentiMark's Asset Management Program is our most comprehensive and detailed report, providing analysis of each roof section. This program provides you with a Roof Life Index score from 1 to 100 to help identify each roof section’s remaining useful life. A scope of work based on the overall condition of your roof is developed and defines the additional service life of the roof if the recommended work is performed. This program is for customers who want the most in-depth knowledge of their current roof conditions. We will provide objective data and details, giving clear direction for budgeting both capital and operating roof-related dollars.
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    Portfolio Management

    Our Portfolio Management Program is the ideal program for you if you manage more than one building. This program will help you maximize the value and life of your roofing assets by helping you determine how and when to invest your roofing dollars in three steps. In the first step, we will conduct a thorough Asset Alert Evaluation of each of your roofs by building and by section. Secondly, after evaluating your roofs, we will sit down with you to review and discuss our reports, recommended action plans and budget numbers for both capital and operating spend. This will include recommendations for ongoing maintenance and evaluation cycles to extend the life of your roofs. Finally, we will schedule and implement a plan of action to address your roofing needs across your portfolio. This includes enrolling you in our customer service program, along with getting you set up in, our online management tool.

With these programs, you’ll avoid the risk of repairing or replacing your assets either too early or too late. Plus, this will give you all of the information to budget properly for any needed repairs or replacements. It will also help you accurately prioritize your capital and operating expense spend. This is why it’s important to work with a knowledgeable and experienced contractor who can help you make the best decisions for your roofs. Ready to get started? Let’s work together to develop a comprehensive budgeting plan for your 2021 needs today.

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Snow Monitoring

20 649 September eNews SnowMonitor

The summer is winding down and the holidays will be here before we know it. This also means the snow will be rolling in sooner than later. This year, be proactive when it comes to the snow load on your roof. Here’s everything you need to know about staying ahead of the game with our Snow Monitoring Program.

Our Snow Monitoring Program monitors the load and depth of your rooftop snow accumulation 24/7. Combining state-of-the-art technology with our trusted snow-removal services, the result is quick and efficient snow removal when and where you need it the most. This program is simple to implement and works seamlessly between the customer and CentiMark.

Your roof is monitored by lightweight, wireless and solar-powered monitors that can be installed by a CentiMark Service Crew within minutes. As they are monitoring your roof, they are recording data that can be easily exported for analysis and depiction of snow loads over time. Through the analysis of this real-time data, you can customize alert levels and set automatic alarms tailored to your building and the amount of snow that has accumulated.

Once the snow on your roof reaches a certain weight load, you’ll be alerted and so will we. We will then come out to remove the snow on your roof safely and efficiently. Save money by removing the snow only when necessary, prevent any damage to your roof and rest easy knowing that the load and depth of your rooftop snow accumulation is being monitored at all times.

Mitigate risk, safety hazards and know that we have your back before, during and after the snow falls.

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Plant Shutdowns

20 649 September eNews PlantShutdown

Do you have a scheduled plant shutdown coming up over the holidays? This can be a great time to address your flooring needs! A plant shutdown is the ideal time to improve the safety and aesthetics of your floors. Here’s how QuestMark can help you make the most out of your upcoming plant shutdown.

Schedule an Inspection

We’ll inspect your floors and work with you to determine your flooring needs and goals for your plant shutdown. The inspection will examine your surfaces, determine the current condition and outline any needed repairs, safety concerns or if any maintenance procedures need to be changed. Afterwards, you will receive a written report with photos, which will outline the condition of all areas and identify any recommended repairs or resurfacing. The report will also include budget numbers and timing so you can properly plan and budget for the needed projects.

Repairs and Cleaning

Getting your floor work completed during a plant shutdown means minimizing any disruption to your normal business operations and maximizing the maintenance completed in your plant during the downtime. This is the perfect time to address floor problems including holes, cracks, joint problems or delaminated coatings. We can address these issues with floor resurfacing, patching or filling joints.

Additionally, you can utilize your plant shutdown to address any stains or cleaning needs. Getting rid of residues by performing a deep clean can also help rejuvenate your floors, giving them a fresh look.

If you have an in-house maintenance crew, now is a good time to check on the stock of your floor cleaning products. is running 15% off all DIY products when you purchase $1,500 or more.

Take a Look at our Online Shop

From cleaning products and patches to floor coatings and maintenance items, we offer a full line of DIY products on our online shop. Your plant shutdown is the perfect opportunity to use DIY products to help make smaller repairs to your floors. View all of our products here. Not sure which products are right for your floors? We can complete a product demo during your plant shutdown as well as train your in-house maintenance staff on the proper procedures and techniques when using our flooring products. Again, receive 15% off when you spend $1,500 or more the entire month of September.

We bring our experienced crews and management teams to complete your flooring needs and goals during the shutdown. We’ll prepare a schedule, order materials and mobilize crews to work 24/7 if necessary. Ready to leverage your holiday downtime? Talk to a QuestMark representative today and let’s get your floors taken care of.

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