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Commercial Roofs Don't Take Vacations.

Summer-specific aspects of roof maintenance.

Summer is at its peak, with hot sunny days, sparkling pools and the smell of grilling. But your roof is not taking any time off! Now is an excellent opportunity to look at completing any scheduled roofing projects or routine maintenance as summer poses some unique challenges to the integrity of your roof. Hot temperatures, increased humidity and storms are here and your commercial roof needs help to stand up to it. Let's take a look at the most common situations you may face this summer season.

1) Storms - While you can't prevent the unexpected, you can be prepared. Inspect your roof before a storm hits and address any needed repairs. Being proactive and fully informed about the condition of your roof will help you protect your asset in the event of damage and navigate insurance claims faster. After the storm check your roof for any damage, even if you aren’t experiencing any leaks.

2) Moisture build-up - Hot temperatures and humid air put your roof to the test. Moisture build-up and condensation may lead to insulation damage and mold. Apart from compromising the integrity of your asset, mold can also cause health problems for your employees. It is also important to make sure your roof is draining properly and that you reduce ponding water on your roof.

3) Vegetation growth - Algae and moss love summer. Sunlight, humidity and hot temperatures provide vegetation with a comfortable environment. Left unchecked, algae and moss can eventually cover your entire roof trapping the moisture underneath and causing decay over time. Plants and tree root systems that made your roof their home may burrow through surfaces, making any existing cracks larger and allowing water to get in. In some cases, vegetation may also become a slipping hazard for someone walking on your roof.

Your roof is your facility's first line of defense against the elements and one of the most expensive assets of your building. Keeping your building watertight is paramount, and that's where routine roof evaluations and maintenance come into play.

Where to start? Schedule a roof inspection. Get a trusted roofing contractor to perform a detailed inspection of your commercial roof. They should provide you with a condition report that includes pictures of your roof and any areas of concern. With CentiMark, the report you receive will uncover all concerns from clogged drainage systems to cracks, tears, vegetation growth and anything that could compromise your roof. We will provide estimates on any needed repairs or maintenance and help prioritize them.

We will also present you with custom roof maintenance strategies that may include routine cleaning and debris removal, pipe seals, caulk terminations, gutter and skylight cleaning, insulation maintenance, OSHA compliance updates, and more. A proper maintenance plan will help you stay ahead of the roof aging game and keep those leaks at bay.

Enjoy the sunny summer days and keep your facility watertight with us! 

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CentiVision - CentiMark’s New Roof Configuration Tool

CentiVision, CentiMark's new roofing configurator was launched at the beginning of July. CentiVision allows our customers to work in unison with the CentiMark sales team to configure an existing roof assembly, show defects, develop a proposed roof assembly and add safety and finishing details to the roof. Both assemblies are viewed by each layer and include the attachment methods for the insulation and membrane.

The goal of CentiVision is to help educate customers on the components of their existing roof and the different options available, provide a more visual aspect to the sales process and improve the overall buying experience. CentiVision configurations are built by our internal sales team and can be shared with the customer in the CentiVision platform or through a PDF.

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Repair and Maintain Your Commercial Floors Like a Pro!

Forklift traffic, pallet trucks, spills and more - your facility's floor has a lot to deal with on a daily basis. Over time you may notice holes, cracks, uneven joints, stains and other damage. The floor’s condition can drastically affect your operations. Here are the reasons to keep your commercial floors in top shape:

Employee and customer safety: Floor damage can become a trip or slip hazard for everyone in the building. Keep an eye on it to ensure the safety of your employees and customers. In addition, when everyone has to change their travel routes to avoid the known floor damages, the efficiency of your daily operations could decrease.

Material handling equipment: Your cushion tire forklifts and other material handling vehicles may sustain more wear on rough floors and demand more frequent maintenance. Large cracks, gaps, and uneven surfaces may also become a hazard for forklift operators, pushing traveling equipment out of balance.

Your facility's sanitation: Cracks and holes in the floor may collect dirt, dust or spilled chemicals becoming an entry point for pests and a suitable environment for mold. Stains on your floors can also be unsightly.

You have choices when addressing floor damage. Check out QuestMark's online shop where you can easily order commercial-grade DIY flooring products including epoxies, cleaners, joint and crack repair, patch and resurfacing products, tools and much more. Not sure which product is right for you? Request a demonstration. QuestMark will install the product and come back after the appropriate timeframe to make sure the material is holding up before you order larger quantities, saving you time and money. We can also help with training your in-house maintenance team on installing any of our products. With decades of expertise in commercial flooring, we are here to help you to get the job done.

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