2021 Roofing Season

Believe it or not, roofing season is right around the corner! Here are a few tips to prepare for the 2021 roofing season.

Schedule an Inspection

A post-winter roof inspection is a great way for you to gain a comprehensive understanding of the condition of your roof before roofing season. An inspection will help determine whether any repairs or replacement may be needed and provide you with photos, written documentation and recommendations to help keep your roof performing well.

Properly Plan and Budget

Based on the inspection, you will have a clear understanding about the current condition of your roof. We can work with you to develop a plan to address your roofing needs. We will also provide you with budget numbers so that you can make the best roofing decisions.

Act Sooner than Later

We recommend scheduling your roofing project now to avoid high backlogs and scheduling conflicts that tend to arise in the summer months. Getting on our schedule now means more flexibility for you and a peace of mind. Remember, lots of time and planning go into a roofing project. This is why we encourage you to get a jump start on your roof work.

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Post-Winter Inspections

There’s no doubt about it - winter can be tough on your facility. The weather has been unpredictable this winter, bringing snow, ice, rain and freezing temperatures to even the most unexpected places. Based on this, we recommend that you do a post-winter assessment of your building to check on the condition of your roof and floors.

Winter weather can wreak havoc on your building. Your roof can be subject to heavy winds and thermal shock that can result in leaks. If you’ve experienced an accumulation of snow, this can lead to ponding water and other drainage issues.

Your floors can also experience damage during winter. High-traffic areas on your floors can become damaged from salt, sand and slush tracked in from the outside. This can lead to tarnishing, floor abrasions and other issues that can cause damage to your floors or exacerbate existing problems.

Now that we are beginning the slow transition out of winter, assessing your roof and floors for any needed repairs is a good idea.

An inspection of your roof and floors will include photos, written documentation and recommendations for repair, replacement or useful maintenance products. Not only will an inspection help you to better understand the condition, but can also help you properly plan and budget as peak season is fast approaching.

Get ahead of peak season and avoid the potential scheduling conflicts by having your roof and floors inspected now. By the time summer arrives, your building will be in great shape to handle anything!

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Traffic Solutions

Traffic Solutions

Your traffic areas experience heavy wear and tear on a regular basis. They are crucial assets to your property and it’s important that you maintain them. We are breaking down the benefits of QuestMark's Traffic Solutions and how they can help protect and extend the life of your parking and sidewalk areas all while simultaneously improving aesthetics.

QuestMark’s Traffic Solutions combine our concrete and coating experience along with our flooring capabilities to provide you with innovative solutions.

Take a look at some of the benefits:

    • Protect asphalt and concrete against UV, water and chemical damage
    • Prevent cracking and deterioration
    • Allow flexibility in cold temperatures
    • Keep pavement and exterior environments cooler with solar reflective colors
    • Provide superior slip and skid resistance
    • Renew existing asphalt or concrete areas
    • Protect heavy traffic areas with high mil thickness systems

The installation process is quick and requires minimum business disruption. Traffic solutions are also easily customizable. We can add color and appeal all while branding your exterior. We are able to create custom designs, colors, logos and icons for your traffic areas.

We also provide solutions to repair your damaged and eroded sidewalks and curbs using our plastic mortar product. Take a look at this quick video and see how a sidewalk is repaired to ADA standards using our product. >> 

Now that the weather is beginning to warm up, this is a great time to schedule an inspection to check for any damaged traffic areas. Making regular preventative repairs or simply adding a coating to your traffic areas can make a big difference in the long run. Consider making the upgrade to traffic solutions for your property. Get ahead of peak season and get your traffic areas ready for the heat this summer.

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