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Roofing Market Conditions: Understanding 2021 and Knowing What to Expect in 2022

Wow what a year 2021 was from a commercial roofing perspective. The industry faced unprecedented challenges yet experienced a growth rate of 15%. As we enter 2022 there are additional issues that need to be resolved. Understanding and navigating an uncertain roofing market leaves many of our customers asking what is next and trying to determine how to react. To better understand the commercial roofing market let’s examine where we are today and how we got here.

Critical Factors Affecting the Roofing Market

  • Roofing contractors are placing orders for materials regardless of backlog; essentially trying to hoard materials. To highlight this fact some materials sales are up 300% yet the market only grew 15%.
  • There is a shortage of raw material components.
  • Several industries create demand for Methylene Diphenyl Disocyanate (MDI) and other raw components used in commercial roofing. Examples include automotive, boats, appliances, furniture, etc. Any manufacturing process that utilizes adhesives, low rise foam, Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) and Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) based components is further exasperating the roofing material shortage.

Results in the Roofing Market

  • There is a current shortage of roofing materials.  
  • Many manufacturers are sold out through the end of 2022.  
  • Price increase notifications are being received on a consistent basis. 

What to Expect in 2022

  • Labor shortages will likely continue as Covid outbreaks appear to be increasing.
  • Rolling plant shutdown times are a possibility based on labor, raw material shortages, supply chain and logistic concerns.
  • Roofing prices will continue to rise as supply decreases and demand continues to increase.

Suggested Customer Action Steps

  • Understand the condition of your roofs and the risks versus rewards of waiting to reroof. Prioritize your projects based on needs and your roof’s life expectancy.  
  • Understand lead times for product and contract early in the year prior to the busiest roofing seasons of Spring and Fall.
  • Be proactive and institute a Preventative Maintenance program to help extend the life of your existing roofs

As we all try to maneuver through the difficult roofing market conditions, please know that CentiMark has multiple solutions that can be customized for your specific needs to help you navigate these uncertain times. As North America’s largest commercial roofing contractor we have excellent partnerships with world class suppliers. Let us demonstrate how we can help you maintain a leak free facility and hedge your risk in today’s commercial roofing market.


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Urethane Cement and Resinous Floor Cleaning and Maintenance

Urethane cement is an exceptionally durable commercial flooring option and is often used in areas subjected to repeated thermal cycling from hot water wash downs and chemical exposure. This type of flooring also takes safety to a new level with slip resistance and superior protection against bacteria and fungi. It simply looks great and increases your floor system's lifespan.

However, it is imperative to take proper care of your urethane cement and resinous floor.  With routine cleaning and maintenance you will be able to preserve the original look and finish for a long time. Where to start?

  • Discuss optimal cleaners with your flooring contractor: Your urethane cement or resinous floors were designed with your specific application needs in mind. Make sure your floor cleaning solutions match those specifications. Test your commercial floor cleaner on a small area before widespread application. Check out QuestMark Cleaner/Degreaser HD, an environmentally safe alternative to industrial degreasing solvents.
  • Develop a schedule for cleaning and maintenance:  The plan should reflect your facility's functions, traffic and seasonal increases/decreases in use. Regular cleaning and maintenance is a key component to long-lasting, safe flooring. Do you have questions regarding your floor cleaning and maintenance or need in-house training? Not a problem! Please fill out the form to your right to get in touch with our flooring specialists.
  • Check your floors regularly for damage: While urethane and resinous floors are well known for their extreme durability, accidents happen. Check your high traffic areas often and complete repairs such as patches and joint repairs as soon as you notice an issue to minimize the expense. Check out our commercial-grade Urethane Patch Kit for DIY repairs.

Too much on your plate? Trust QuestMark, a division of CentiMark Corporation, to handle your commercial floor cleaning and maintenance for you. An ongoing maintenance program developed by our team will keep your floors and exterior surfaces safe and in excellent condition, which will extend their useful life.

Explore our online shop for more DIY commercial flooring products.


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Roof and Floor Warranties

Whether you noticed a roof leak or damage to your commercial floor -- the first thing on your mind is your asset’s warranty. Do you have a warranty? What will it cover? Let's explore the options.

Standard Manufacturer's Warranty - Covers the roof or floor itself, meaning materials used by your contractor. The warranty length may span from years to a lifetime, but there's a catch: you may be responsible for any labor costs. The majority of manufacturers' warranties only pay for the defective product. Therefore, you are out of luck if a manufacturer determines that your warranty is not valid due to your contractor's workmanship shortcomings. For example, mistakes during installation may result in an early failure of your assets. But that has nothing to do with the factory warranty on materials. Relying purely on your standard manufacturer's warranty is a gamble.

Contractor Workmanship Warranty - The length of the labor warranty depends on the contractor you hire. Before committing to a roofing or flooring project, make sure to thoroughly research your contractor's track record, financial standing and the warranties they offer. If the contractor determines that the issues you are experiencing are not related to the workmanship, you are out of luck.. Again.

As someone in charge of repairs you may find yourself stuck in the middle between your manufacturer blaming your contractor and vice versa. How can you avoid that? The answer is a comprehensive warranty covering both materials and labor, which is the type of warranty offered by CentiMark Corporation, the largest commercial roofing and flooring contractor in North America.

Single Source Warranty - Covering both workmanship and factory materials, this warranty plan allows you to make just one call and resolve your roofing or flooring issues all at once—no more confusion, no more stuck in the middle. A Single Source Warranty protects you and your assets. With CentiMark, you may also customize your warranty depending on your unique needs. 

 Also, keep in mind ongoing preventative maintenance is a provision of your warranty. This allows you to stay ahead of any repairs and helps to extend the life of your roofing and flooring assets. 

When purchasing a roofing or flooring solution, ask your contractor about the warranties offered. Make sure you truly understand and agree with what is being covered. We recommend considering comprehensive warranties that combine both materials and workmanship to avoid confusion between manufacturers and contractors if problems arise.


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Commercial Roof Management Programs

Do you know the state of your roof? Unfortunately, commercial roofs tend to be overlooked until someone notices an active leak. However, being aware of the condition of your roof is critical to keeping leaks at bay, staying compliant with safety and environmental regulations and protecting your products, equipment and overall operations. 

How can you stay on top of your roof's condition? With multiple commercial roof management programs and tools available to you from CentiMark. 

Roof Asset Management Program - a comprehensive and detailed roof evaluation report that analyzes each roof section. This program provides you with ample data as well as a Roof Life Index score (RLI) from 1 to 100 to help identify each roof section's remaining useful life. Based on the overall condition of your roof, our roofing experts will provide you with service, repairs or reroofing recommendations.

Asset Alert Program - provides a general understanding of the current condition of your roof. This program identifies areas of high-risk potential, giving objective criteria to maximize budgets. You will also receive repair, maintenance or reroofing recommendations from our experts.

How do these programs compare to a typical Roof Proposal?


Evaluation Attributes Typical Roof Proposal CentiMark Asset Alert CentiMark Asset Management
 Roof Section Condition Assessment    
 Roof Investment Recommendations      
 Unplanned CapEX Mitigation      
 Targeted Repair Recommendations      
 Reduced Cost of Ownership      
 Portfolio Condition Assessment      
 Remaining Life Projection      
 Portfolio Budgeting Analysis      
 Repair vs Replace Recommendations      
















Managing roofs on multiple facilities may get complicated. You can't be in all places at the same time. But we can! Check out our Portfolio Management Program, specifically designed for customers who manage multiple roofs. This program is designed to help you seamlessly manage all your roofing needs and projects in an easy, centralized way. We will inspect and evaluate each roof, develop an action plan based on our findings and work with you to implement any repairs or reroofing projects to keep all your roofs in excellent condition.

Can you visualize the repairs or replacements proposed by CentiMark Corporation? Yes, absolutely. Our commercial roof configurator, CentiVision, is designed to help educate facility managers on the components of their existing roof and the different solutions that are available. 

Keeping roof leaks in check and preventing water penetration or moisture buildup can be daunting. With over 53 years of commercial roofing expertise and a deep understanding of roofing solutions, our team is here to help. 

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