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 Tim: It seems like yesterday that you were coming into work with me on Saturdays, working in the warehouse and joining me on sales calls. After working your way up the corporate ladder from roofing and flooring crews to management to leadership, I am so very proud of you. For the past 19 years, you have helped take CentiMark from $247.5 million in revenue to one billion in sales in 2021.  Congratulations and thank you for the great job that you are doing as CentiMark President & CEO and for leading us into the future!  Dad [Edward B. Dunlap, CentiMark Founder & Chairman, Canonsburg, PA - 54 years at CentiMark. June 17, 2022]  #TimDunlap44thAnniversary #CentiMark #Congratulations


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Tim: Congratulations on your 44 years of service with CentiMark.  As an organization, we are very fortunate to have a President & CEO that has experience with all company positions from sweeping the warehouse through leading us to one Billion in sales!  You have been a mentor and leader to all of your associates including myself and I wish you many more years of success. Robert Penney, Executive Vice President & CentiMark Ltd Group Director, Mississauga, ON. June 20, 2022 - 26 years at CentiMark Ltd  #TimDunlap44thAnniversary #CentiMark #Congratulations


Tim: Congratulations on your 44th anniversary with CentiMark Corporation.  Thank you for your hard work, dedication and selfless approach to your associates and the organization.  John Godwin, Executive Vice President - Sales & Marketing, Johns Creek, GA -32 years at CentiMark.  June 21, 2022    #TimDunlap44thAnniversary #CentiMark #Congratulations


Tim: Congratulations on your 44th anniversary at CentiMark. Too bad they didn't factor in all the time you spent sweeping out the warehouse!  Thank you for your continued leadership. Mark Cooper, Executive Vice President - Eastern Group Director, Billerica, MA - 35 years at CentiMark. June 22, 2022    #TimDunlap44thAnniversary #CentiMark #Congratulations


Tim: Congratulations on 44 years. I am sure the journey has been amazing. Thank you for bringing all of us along with you.  Keith Battenfield, Executive Vice President & Southern Group Director - 29 years at CentiMark.   #TimDunlap44thAnniversary #CentiMark #Congratulations


Tim: Congratulations on 44 years at CentiMark!  Thank you for your leadership and being a great mentor over the years.  We could not have achieved the billion dollars without you. Your steady presence and approach has really been a  great lesson for us.  I have enjoyed working side-by-side with you over the last 35 years!  50 years is right around the corner! Steve Ferencz, Executive Vice President & Western Group Director - 34  years at CentiMark.  #TimDunlap44thAnniversary #CentiMark #Congratulations