Roof Coatings: Cost-Efficient Restoration Solution

roof coatings


The 2022 roofing season is going to be quite different. Massive industry backlogs rolled over from 2021 and will continue to slow things down for all businesses in North America. Is there a quick, cost-efficient way to restore and waterproof your existing roof? Look into roof coatings, a proven and dependable solution that protects your roof from more than just water. 

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Roofing Backlogs: What to Do?

roofing backlogs

Post-pandemic supply chain issues are still affecting many sectors and the roofing industry is no different. With a significant shortage of raw material components and other contributing factors, roofing contractors are experiencing high backlogs and will be playing catch up for a long time.

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Roof and Floor Warranties

construction worker looking to the left

Whether you noticed a roof leak or damage to your commercial floor -- the first thing on your mind is your asset’s warranty. Do you have a warranty? What will it cover? Let's explore the options.

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Are you planning your 2022 budget? Don't forget about your roof!

men on roof2

Out of sight, out of mind, your facility's roof often gets overlooked until someone notices an actual leak. Unfortunately, by that time, the integrity of your building is already compromised. Roof leaks can drastically affect your operations and put your employees at risk. When planning next year's budget, take measures to protect your roof.

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What does a 3D Virtual Site Assessment mean for the future of your roof inspections?

3D Virtual Site assessment drone in flight

Two words: Soarin’ benefits. Utilizing drones with high definition, infrared, thermal imaging capabilities, CentiMark associates are able to safely obtain an entirely new perspective when inspecting your roof.

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Safety at CentiMark - Training, Training, Training.

rood contractors looking out

As part of National Roofing Week June 6-12, 2021, we want to feature our safety training programs. Our CentiMark Safety Program is designed to provide a safe workplace with on-going safety training, equipment and knowledgeable safety personnel.

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TPO vs EPDM: Selecting the Right Commercial Roofing System

TPOvsEPDMpostTPO vs EPDM: Selecting the Right Commercial Roofing System TPO vs EPDM: Selecting the Right Commercial Roofing System

TPO and EPDM are two of the most popular commercial roofing solutions in the industry. Similar in some ways, yet different in others! We’re breaking down TPO versus EPDM, and how to choose which solution is best for your commercial roof.

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The Major Advantages of Metal Roofs

The Major Advantages of Metal Roofs The Major Advantages of Metal Roofs

Did you know metal roofs are some of the most popular roofing systems used today? They provide a variety of benefits and are best known for being durable and customizable. Plus, metal roofing systems are quick to install and easy to repair, making them an attractive roofing solution.

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2021 Roofing Season

2021 Roofing Season 2021 Roofing Season

Believe it or not, roofing season is right around the corner! Here are a few tips to prepare for the 2021 roofing season.

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