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CentiMark’s Steep Slope Shingle Capabilities


CentiMark has recently expanded our steep slope capabilites to include shingles. The steep slope products now available include; asphalt shingles, tile, slate, cedar shake, cedar shingles, metal and composites.

CentiMark's shingle capabilties offer the following benefits:

  • Ice / water shield installed around all roof penetrations
  • Gutter apron used on all eaves to ensure proper water runoff into gutter system to not rot out fascia
  • Built in lip on drip edge installed on rakes for added wind protection
  • The first course is installed utilizing a specialty starter for enhanced wind protection and proper sealing
  • Neoprene pipe flashings installed on all pipes to ensure longevity and water tightness
  • To prevent ice and water infiltration a valley lining is installed
  • Six nails installed per asphalt shingle for added wind protection
  • Metal ventilation on all static vents and shingle over application on all ridge ventilation

Our warranty covers both material and workmanship. Best of all, the wararnty is transferrable. It stays with the property no matter how many times the building may change owners.

Regarless of your roof type, CentiMark can provide a solution.



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