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Did You Know? General Commercial Roofing

Did You Know? General Commercial Roofing Did You Know? General Commercial Roofing

There’s more to commercial roofing than meets the eye! Here are some fast facts that you may not know about flat commercial roofs.

  1. Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO), a synthetic roof membrane, is CentiMark’s number one most installed roof system.
    Over 50 million square feet of TPO is installed each year throughout America!
  2. Roof system temperatures can change from over 150 degrees to less than 80 degrees in just one day.
    This can lead to something called thermal shock, which can cause roofing systems to quickly expand and contract. It is extremely important that your roof membrane is attached correctly to account for thermal shock that can occur in both cold and warm weather.
  3. Flat commercial roofs are not actually flat!
    Flat roofs are actually slightly sloped at about one quarter of an inch. This helps with drainage that prevents rainwater and other debris from pooling on the roof.
  4. Aluminum is the second most popular metal roofing material.
    If you live in a coastal area or at the beach, aluminum is one of the materials used for areas where there is a heavy presence of salt spray in the environment.

At CentiMark, our mission is to keep your building watertight, protect your property and employees all in concert with regular business operations. To learn more about CentiMark’s commercial roofing capabilities, click here.

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