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How To Select the Right Roofing Contractor

ChecklistIt’s amazing to see the number of buyers who purchase roof systems with the primary consideration being the type of roof system that will be installed. So little time is spent on selecting the contractor installing the roof system!

If you owned a race team would you invest millions of dollars in the very best car and then have an inexperienced rookie drive your multi-million dollar race car? Of course not! Yet every day, building owners make a similar mistake!

Make no mistake about it, the roof system selection is important. Being sure that a system utilizes the right type and amount of insulation, insulation attachment method, proper roof membrane selection and thickness and its attachment method are all very important. But the harsh reality is, you can specify the very best and most expensive materials but if the person who installs the products is an average or poor installer, then you are going to end up with an average or poor roofing system and potentially not maximizing your investment.

The question facing building owners should not only be which roof system to install but also which contractor to select to install their roof system to protect and maximize their investment?

Listed below are five items that can help in the selection process:

  1. Does the contractor have experience with the type of roof system being installed? Keep in mind that there is a capital investment required in the form of tools and equipment with each roof system. If a contractor only has experience with one roof system, then they are going to suggest that system to you regardless of your needs.
  2. Check references. Ask for references of customers who have had leaks or issues in the past. This will let you know how the contractor reacts should an issue take place. Anyone can give ten references of good customers, but a good contractor separates himself from the competition depending upon how he reacts when things do not go as well as planned.
  3. Service after the sale capabilities. Does the contractor have a division that specializes in customer service? Many contractors will do customer service calls by pulling from a production crew. This creates a conflict of interest as the contractor does not want to slow production and lose money. Also a production employee does not handle service work and Preventative Maintenance as well as someone with a dedicated service crew that works every day.
  4. Read the fine print, review the warranty. Remember the warranty is written to protect the person who wrote it. What do you want covered in the warranty? Does the proposed warranty provide this coverage? Ask for a custom warranty so the very reasons why your existing roof system failed are covered in the new warranty. Also be sure to review and understand warranty exclusions.
  5. Pay attention to the details. Putting down the field of a roof is not hard. It is the quality installation of flashings, details and workmanship that will determine the success of a roofing project! Will the contractor you select utilize subcontractors? Will the Foreman or Assistant Foreman be the people that are doing the detail work? How much experience do they have? Do they have on average over 10 years roofing experience? If not, why would you trust your investment to them?

CentiMark can answer your questions and walk you through your options. In the end, we want you to be comfortable with the decisions you make for your company and your building.


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