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Are you planning your 2022 budget? Don't forget about your roof!

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Out of sight, out of mind, your facility's roof often gets overlooked until someone notices an actual leak. Unfortunately, by that time, the integrity of your building is already compromised. Roof leaks can drastically affect your operations and put your employees at risk. When planning next year's budget, take measures to protect your roof.


Where to start? Begin with: 

  • Detailed Roof Evaluation - Initial water intrusion is often hard to detect without proper training and equipment, but addressing it immediately is the key to saving thousands down the road. Hire an experienced commercial roofing contractor for a detailed roof evaluation. Having objective data will help determine whether you may need repairs, maintenance or replacement. Knowing your existing roof condition allows for the creation of a custom action plan that addresses your exact roofing needs for 2022.
  • Weather Forecasts - Look into your area's weather forecast and storm patterns for 2022. This year's hurricane and storm seasons brought significant damage to buildings all over North America. Is your roof prepared for snow, heavy rain and winter storms? Do you have a plan for the 2022 Hurricane season? Discuss roof maintenance options and 24/7 emergency assistance with your roofing contractor.
  • Warranties and Past Repairs - How well do you know the history of your commercial roof? Do you have any warranties in place? Is your warranty about to expire? How can you get an extension? Call CentiMark to learn more about these options.


Need help establishing your 2022 commercial roofing budget? With over five decades of expertise and 95 offices all over North America, our project management team is just a call away. We offer detailed roof evaluations, custom roof maintenance plans, repairs done right, 24/7 emergency service and the best warranty in the industry. Our goal is to keep your facilities watertight with minimal interruptions to your daily operations. We deliver consistent results your team can rely on, regardless of your geographical location or how many facilities you operate. 

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