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Angel's Place Tribute to CentiMark's 50th

Parent GroupCongratulations to CentiMark on your 50th Anniversary!

Mother Teresa once said, “It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” When thinking about these words, one person that comes to mind is Edward B. Dunlap, Chairman & CEO, CentiMark.

Mr. Dunlap has been a champion, friend and supporter of Angels’ Place for 30+ years. His kindness and generosity are beyond measure as is his unwavering support of our mission and families. Angels’ Place is proud to honor Mr. Dunlap as he celebrates 50 years as the founder of the CentiMark Corporation.

Mr. Dunlap’s humble support has touched the lives of many of the families in our program. Whether it is financial support for the program or gifts for the parents and the children, Mr. Dunlap has been instrumental in helping Angels’ Place to serve the Pittsburgh community for 30+ years. The mission of Angels’ Place is to provide exceptional family support and quality early childhood education to help parents in need and their children become lifelong learners and create a brighter future. These life changing services would not be possible if not for the support of caring and generous people like Mr. Dunlap.

Over the years, Mr. Dunlap’s support has often come in the form of gifts to our families. Gifts meant to lighten the burden and make holidays extra special for the children. At Easter, parents received wonderful baskets of candy for their children to enjoy Easter Morning. In August, the children got a back-to-school kits filled with lots of goodies to promote learning while the parents received gift cards to help them purchase items they needed to start a new school year. These items offered the perfect backdrop to have a back-to-school party with our families. On more than one occasion, parents were moved to tears because of this generous and much needed gift, sharing with us that they did not know how they were going to purchase school supplies, clothing and shoes. Thanks to Mr. Dunlap’s generosity, however, the parents were able to buy what they needed to start the school year fully prepared. His kind and compassionate approach is a blessing during times that would typically result in stress due to lack of available funds.

Words cannot express the deep-rooted appreciation that we have for Mr. Dunlap. He has been a wonderful friend and supporter of Angels’ Place for many years. Our gratitude is endless, and we celebrate Mr. Dunlap’s accomplishments including his dedication to strengthening our community by supporting parents and children. Families in need have experienced the true joy of knowing that people care. In addition, it is both motivational and inspirational to know that their efforts are being recognized and supported. All parents want the best for their children and the Dunlap Family makes that dream a reality.

Angels’ Place sends best wishes and well-deserved congratulations on 50 years of success. We also want to extend sincere prayers for health, happiness and blessings for many more years to come.



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