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Protecting Your Roof During Arizona's Monsoon Season

Monsoon Season in ArizonaEach year from June 15th to September 30th, Arizona has a seasonal weather pattern known as monsoon season. Monsoon refers to an entire season and not one particular storm. Dry winds blowing from the west and southwest shift to the south and southeast bringing moisture from the Gulf of California. The heat of the summer, along with the moisture, fuels the storms.

This large scale monsoon weather pattern can bring damaging winds, torrential downpours and dust storms. While your roof is designed to withstand these elements, no roof is 100% immune. Even roofs that are properly designed and installed can become damaged in a severe storm. Preventative maintenance and regular roof inspections are the best way to prepare your roof and potentially save you thousands of dollars in future repairs. 

The National Weather Service began measuring rainfall for monsoons in 1896. Typically the rainfalls and/or storms last for 11 days each summer season. Most recently, 2014 had 6.34 inches of rain - #7 in the ranking of most rain per season.  The most rain on record fell in 1984 with 9.56 inches.

Although weather is unpredictable, the Arizona monsoon season is expected to have several scattered rainstorms in July and August and more rain in September than last year. CentiMark’s 24/7 emergency service can be reached by calling 855.483.1975 or using our mobile app. Schedule a roof inspection now to ensure your roof is in good condition and ready for Monsoon season.

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