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Asset Alert and Asset Management - A Comparison

Asset Alert and Asset Management - A Comparison Asset Alert and Asset Management - A Comparison

Want to know critical information about your roof so you can extend its life and save on your total cost of ownership? Our Asset Alert and Asset Management Programs provide you with a thorough understanding of the condition of your roof so you can properly plan and budget your roofing spend. We’re breaking down the benefits of each program and how they compare to one another.

Asset Alert Program

CentiMark’s Asset Alert Program is designed to provide building owners with a general understanding of the current condition of their roofs. This program provides you with an evaluation of roof conditions that result in a designation into one of four categories for expected roof life. You will also receive suggestions to extend the expected life of your roof. This can include recommendations for preventative maintenance, roof repairs or roof replacement if needed. This program identifies areas of high-risk potential, giving objective criteria to maximize budgets.

Asset Management Program

This is our most comprehensive and detailed report, providing analysis of each roof section. This program provides you a Roof Life Index score from 1 to 100 to help identify each roof section’s remaining useful life. A scope of work based on the overall condition of your roof is developed and defines the additional service life of the roof if the work is performed. This program is for customers who want the most in-depth knowledge of their current roof conditions. We will provide objective data and details, giving clear direction for budgeting both capital and operating roof-related dollars.

Take a further look at all of the benefits you get with each program and how they compare:

Evaluation Attributes

Asset Alert

Asset Management

Roof Section Condition Assessment

  ✔  ✔

Roof Investment Recommendation

  ✔  ✔

Unplanned CapEx Mitigation

  ✔  ✔

Targeted Repair Recommendations

  ✔  ✔

Reduce Cost of Ownership

  ✔  ✔

Portfolio Condition Assessment

  ✔  ✔
Remaining Life Projection  ✔

Portfolio Budgeting Analysis


Repair vs. Replace Recommendation

Both programs are excellent ways to gain a strong understanding of the condition of your roof and the overall expected service life of your roof. For planning and budgeting purposes, these programs provide you with invaluable information that you can use to make the best decisions for your building and your business.

Not sure which program is right for your building? Talk with a CentiMark representative to go over your options and choose the best program for your individual needs.

Click to learn more about an Asset Alert Program or Asset Management Program for your roof.


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