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Beat the Spring Rush with Your Roofing Project

Spring is Here!Spring is right around the corner and that means peak roofing season. So you might be asking yourself, when is the best time to initiate your roofing project? The answer to that varies based on the size of your project and the backlog of the contractor you are using.

There are also multiple variables that impact the timeline of your project. These variables include items such as permits and safety plans to the weather and size of crew the contractor is using. Your contractor should review with you the timeline of your project from when the project is awarded through completion so you have a full understanding of your project’s start date and potential completion date.

A good contractor who has consistent business typically has about a six week backlog. After the project is awarded, your contractor starts with getting materials ordered, obtaining permits, reviewing all necessary safety plans and loading the materials on your roof. Once all that is completed then the actual construction will begin. Your contractor should be communicating and working with you through all these steps.

Once construction begins, the size of your project and the weather are the two main factors into how long the project will take. A typical roofing crew can install about $75,000 - $100,000 of roof per week. So on average a $500,000 project will take 5 – 7 weeks and a $1 Million project may take 10 – 14 weeks. These averages again are dependent on the weather.

Here is an infographic that outlines a typical roofing project:

Steps Prior to a Roof Project infographic final

Steps Prior to a Roof Project infographic finalNow that spring is here, it is important to take a look at your roofing needs to determine the best date to initiate your roofing project. Based on the averages, you’re looking to start your project mid-April with completion around May or June depending on the size of your project. Beat the rush and get your projects scheduled now.

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