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CentiMark and JazzHR - Partnership of Pittsburgh-based companies for Recruiting Technology

Birmingham AL RoofingCentiMark Corporation is a long-time leader in the commercial roofing and flooring contractor industry. JazzHR is a fast-growing, human resources software company. Together, these two Pittsburgh-area companies have formed an unique partnership to help with CentiMark’s hiring needs through recruiting technology for 85 offices in North America.

Attracting and retaining a strong labor force has been a big challenge in all areas of the construction industry, including CentiMark and it’s flooring division, QuestMark. The ability to find and develop a strong labor force is what truly differentiates one contractor from another. CentiMark takes great pride in our associates and the career opportunities available to them.

The demand for laborers for roofing and flooring crews, operations and sales was increasingly a challenge. CentiMark needed help with the volume, quality and tracking of job applicants. CentiMark searched for an applicant tracking system that was flexible and could be utilized in all offices in the United States and Canada.

QuestMark, with 21 locations for commercial flooring, first utilized JazzHR in 2015. Rose Watts, Recruitment/Personnel Manager, did extensive research on recruitment technology software and had previous experience with JazzHR. “We needed a centralized system to recruit and track candidates across the country,” says Watts. “JazzHR was user-friendly at all levels from both the candidate side and the employer side.”

“We were pleased to find a Pittsburgh-based software company to help with our Human Resources needs,” continues Watts. “JazzHR gave our hiring managers autonomy to get quality candidates to keep up with the employment needs of the company.” After the initial success with JazzHR at QuestMark, the entire CentiMark organization began utilizing the software program in 2016 for all 85 locations.

“Through JazzHR, CentiMark is able to get our job openings and employer brand promoted through multiple avenues with one click,” explains Watts. “The process is centralized for the job candidate and CentiMark. The advantage to the job seekers is that they are able to click online to apply for a job. They can add a cover letter, attach a resume and answer a few qualifying questions. An email is sent to them immediately indicating that they have applied for a job. For CentiMark recruiters, they can see the information on each candidate as soon as they click submit.”

“We care about our associates and our candidates,” concludes Watts. “We want them to have a seamless experience throughout the hiring process and JazzHR helps us tremendously with that.”

“It has been a pleasure working with Rose and her team to help get JazzHR fully up and running at their multiple locations. We love seeing success stories like this, especially right in our own backyard.” says Randy Blatt, Manager of Customer Success, who worked with Rose to get CentiMark’s hiring hub up and firing on all cylinders.

“We value our associates and we offer great opportunities for training and advancement,” says Landon Connolly, Vice President of Human Resources. “The JazzHR recruiting tool is important in helping us with our staffing needs. They really care about having CentiMark as a client and they provide tremendous customer support to our account.”

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