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CentiMark Celebrates 49th Year in Business on April 19, 2017

Group Photo of CentiMark EmployeesOn April 19, 2017, CentiMark Corporation celebrates 49 years in the commercial roofing and flooring business. What’s truly unique about CentiMark is that our Founder, Chairman & CEO, Edward B. Dunlap, continues at the helm of the company and his son, Timothy M. Dunlap, serves as President and Chief Operating Officer.

Today, CentiMark thanks and congratulates our 3,500 associates working in 85 offices in the United States and Canada.

CentiMark is proud to have 182 associates who have worked for the company 20 years or more.

Today, we honor all CentiMark associates and feature a list of those associates with 30 years or more with the company. We thank CentiMark associates for working hard, working safely and for building this company into the largest commercial roofing and flooring contractor in North America.

30 years:
William Scurry
James Holloway, Jr.
George “Chip” Horrell, Jr.
Tammy Keener
Mark Cooper
Kenneth Zmich
James Patterson

31 years:
James Dabaldo
Cindy Molnar
Gurdev Gill

32 years:
Tina Callaway
Keith Arnold

33 years:
Craig Scott
James Harvey
John Pallo

34 years:
Michael Testa
Barbara Watt
Michael Jarusinski

35 years:
Daniel Miller
Paul Cox

36 years:
David Zanolli
Michael Endsley
Frank Hannan

37 years:
Robert Hunter

39 years:
Timothy Dunlap
Gerald Bunyoff

40 years:
John Rudzik

46 years:
Steve Hecht

49 years:
Edward B. Dunlap

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