CentiMark & Ed Dunlap – An American Success Story: 1980s – 1990s

The 1980s were about growth. Starting with $5 million in sales in 1980, the company reached $50 million in sales by 1989. Five years later, $100 million in sales in 1994.

With geographic expansion, Dunlap’s companies of Northern Industrial Maintenance, Southern Industrial Maintenance and similar company’s needed a common brand. Thus, the companies debuted as CentiMark Corporation in 1987.
b2ap3_thumbnail_CM-Service.jpg“Centi” referred to the 1987 goal of achieving $100 million in annual revenue (achieved in 1994). CentiMark Ltd. was established in 1998 as the Canadian subsidiary of CentiMark to expand in the provinces.

“Mark” recognized the company’s unique contributions to the roofing industry – all visions of entrepreneur Dunlap: