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CentiMark & Ed Dunlap – An American Success Story: 2010s

CentiMark & Ed Dunlap – An American Success Story: 2010s

As we begin our 47th year in business, we are now working to achieve our next goal – to become a billion dollar corporation.

CentiMark continues to be a family-owned, private company, founded by Edward B. Dunlap who leads the company as Chairman and CEO with his son Timothy M. Dunlap, President and COO.

We are the largest commercial roofing and flooring contractor in North America. We are growing in market share, in customer share and geographically.
b2ap3_thumbnail_CentiMarkGroup.jpgOur success is due to good old-fashioned hard work and relationships with long-term, valued customers. We have CentiMark associates who are experts in their respective fields and, in many cases, have 20 to 30 years of tenure at CentiMark and experience in roofing and/or flooring.

Today, roofs can help save energy, capture sunlight, help the environment and, ultimately, save money. This is due to advances in roofing product technology and an increased concern for energy-efficient and environmentally friendly roofing solutions.
We are working with our customers to save money through their roofs with white, reflective coatings and daylighting solutions. Our DiamondQuest Polished Concrete provides a unique, green solution for floors.

We are focused on our customers – extending the life of their roof or floor, providing expanded services and product lines and utilizing technology to enhance our services.

“While CentiMark has many assets, our greatest strength has always been and will continue to be the dedication and hard work of our associates. They are the reason for the success of CentiMark. Together, we work hard and work smart.”
Ed Dunlap, Chairman & CEO, CentiMark

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