CentiMark People: Dan Kimball, Charlotte, NC

CentiMark’s Dan Kimball - Top Sales Rep, Elite Athlete, Husband, Father

It’s All About Time Management

By Dan Kimball, Senior Project Manager, Charlotte, NC


This is about my life as a Senior Project Manager, Athlete, Husband and Father:

- I am a father of seven wonderful children and married to my wife for 19 years.
- I have been working at CentiMark for seven years: beginning as a Service Director and now a Senior Project Manager
- I have sold over $70,000,000.00 in roofing at CentiMark
- I have won the Dunlap Cup twice (Top Sales Rep in 2012, 2013) and have finished in second place three times
- I am a competitive athlete and enjoy pushing my limits both physically and mentally in endurance events



I get asked all the time how do I fit all of this into a day/week/month? Do you spend all your time on yourself and miss life as it goes by?


The answer is: No. I do spend a lot of time working hard to be the best manager I can be for CentiMark. I also spend a lot of time training. Of course, I also do what it takes to be the best father and husband I can be. I didn't start this juggling act all at once. Similar to when my children were born, we slowly adapted our lifestyle and made sacrifices to balance family time.


When I first came to CentiMark, I had to log many more hours doing my job as I had not quite developed the efficiency to do my work the way I can now. In addition, when I first started to race, I found it difficult to go just for a short ride on the bike twice a week. Gradually, I found ways to become more efficient in other areas of my life and improve the quality of my training, giving me extra minutes in the day.


I guess the moral of the story is that you do not have to give up all the little things you like to do in a day or use the excuse that there is not enough time. Start by looking for an extra 15 minutes here and there to do something you ‘haven’t had the time for’. Then, expand from 15 to 30 minutes. Before long, you will find that there is ample time available during the day to do what you want or need to do if you plan ahead and become creative.


Typically I get up around 4:00 am -4:30 am as long as my work schedule permits. If it doesn’t, I’ll use that day as a designated rest day. I also swim 3-4 times a week and do weight training for strength two times a week.



Right now, my major focus is on running and I get out five times per week - four times in the evening and once on the weekend. I bike 2-3 times a week depending on when my next race is. Long runs and rides are on the weekend and quality work, shorter more intense activities, are in the evening.

DanKimballSpainFor example; I try my best to be at my sons’ soccer practices. His practice is at a field that also has a trail system that hosts some of my races. So I made a deal with another parent: if they bring my son and their son to practice, then I will bring them both home. This allows me to run while the other parent is watching the first half and then we switch duties which allows her to get home earlier to prepare dinner for her family.


I also have a stationary bike trainer and treadmill at home. Many times I am running or riding while doing homework with one of the kids or while they are watching early morning cartoons or a movie. As a side note, my wife is also an avid runner so we juggle our training schedules.


Editors Note: Dan Kimball is an XTERRA triathlete who is training for the O till O in Sweden ( Swim-Run World Championships). The September 1st race has been called one of the toughest one day races in the world.


The ÖTILLÖ is a unique race in a unique environment. Teams of two race together from island to island (Ö TILL Ö) from Sandhamn to Utö in the Stockholm archipelago. The teams swim between the 26 islands and run on them. The total distance is 75 kilometers of which 10 km are swimming and 65 km are running