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CentiMark People: Lisa Mychalishyn and Stephanie Thomas

CentiMark People: Lisa Mychalishyn and Stephanie Thomas

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Lisa Mychalishyn (pictured above, Left), Lead SAP Developer Analyst, Canonsburg, PA

by Stephanie Thomas, SAP Analyst Developer, Canonsburg, PA

Eight and a half years ago, I met Lisa when I started a new job at CentiMark. She instantly reminded me of a co-worker from college. Lisa was my mentor which made the transition effortless. I quickly found out that she was one of only two women in the department. She was very positive and welcoming me to CentiMark.

Over the years, she has grown as part of the business and technology department wearing many hats as her interests in technology have evolved. No task is too small for her. She first worked as an intern in the MIS department to support SAP implementation, then was hired to coordinate phone and data service for the company. One day Greg Wilson, SVP/CIO, CentiMark, mentioned to her if she was able to automate her job, he would find another job for her. She did not hesitate on finding a way to do so. She then moved on to the Business Applications Department answering support calls, training users, testing applications and writing reports.

Since I started working at CentiMark, she has been working in the SAP Department as the Lead SAP Developer Analyst. I have worked along side of her in the same department for the past three years. Our department has the daily tasks of supporting corporate and field users, fixing issues that arise and our assigned projects. Since there are only three of us in the department, we primarily work individually on our projects, although we collaborate in meetings with different departments to gather project requirements. She is a true team player offering ideas and supporting each team member.

Our department has various customer-facing applications. For instance, our national customers can create service tickets directly in SAP which will expedite the response time the service crew fixes the leak. Another project Lisa has worked on is our e-Portal, a HR employee portal, where employees can request vacation, hotels, flights, enter expenses and enter new employees. As a department, we try to make the employees in the company more efficient by developing applications and tools to help them perform their job better.

Lisa has been working for CentiMark for 16 years. Outside of work, she has a husband and two daughters, Grace (2 years) and Olivia (seven months). She enjoys reading, scrapbooking and golf.


Stephanie Thomas,  (pictured above, right) SAP Analyst Developer, Canonsburg, PA

by Lisa Mychalishyn, Lead SAP Developer Analyst, Canonsburg, PA

Stephanie Thomas really exemplifies the title “Woman in Technology”. Not only does she have a variety of computer programming languages under her belt, but she’s savvy in so many other areas. If it has working parts, like cars or plumbing, she can fix it. If it has complicated logic, like an online couponing website, she wants to understand its inner workings and leverage it to the best of her ability.

I’ve worked closely with Stephanie since she joined CentiMark in 2005. She is a great asset to our IT department and the company. We often work in a team environment and Stephanie always has excellent ideas and is willing to work cooperatively to find the best solution to the task at-hand. She is able to think outside the box to create a complex application - such as her recent Service Scheduler App that our Service Department uses to maintain a schedule of customer leak repairs.

Stephanie has a positive attitude and is willing to help any co-worker at a moment’s might be fixing an issue in a field office or training a new employee or helping to test out my new report or even letting me vent about a frustrating project...she’s always there offering help and a smile.

Stephanie really cares about CentiMark and the work that our department does. She can see the value that our projects add to the experience of our internal users and our customers. She understands that we have a positive impact on productivity, accuracy, efficiency and quality. This just one more reason why we value our “Woman in Technology” - Stephanie Thomas.


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