CentiMark People: Niranjan Yerraguntla & Greg Wilson


Greg Wilson (above, right), Senior Vice President/Chief Information Officer, Canonsburg, PA

by Niranjan Yerraguntla, SAP Application Manager, Canonsburg, PA

Greg Wilson is CentiMark's most enduring innovator.

I have been working at CentiMark since May 1999 in IT (Information Technology) Department and as SAP Application Manager since 2004.

For me, nothing epitomizes Greg Wilson's leadership more than his role in implementing SAP ERP software at CentiMark in 1998. When companies were scrambling to make their systems work for Y2K (2000), Greg made a bold decision to implement SAP ERP software for CentiMark in early 1998. As we look at current processes within CentiMark now and how it has improved over the last 15 years, his decision has paid off. CentiMark’s Management Team can now get real time information in all areas of business.

Greg Wilson strongly believes that it is not just quality of products or price that differentiates us from other roofing contractors. Our technology at CentiMark plays a key role in streamlining the processes. We help our CentiMark Team deliver the right information to customers and standout in the market. Greg is the brainchild behind CentiMark's online portfolio management application designed for customers with multiple facilities.Greg showed that customers can make better decisions for either roof repair or re-roofing based on the RLI (Roof Life Index) score and expected remaining life of roof.

Always ahead of his time, Greg is focused on the big picture and "what's next" for CentiMark in terms of technology. He played a key role in implementing mobile solutions at CentiMark - using Smartphones and Tablets.

I have always enjoyed working with him, as he brings a vibrant energy to our IT projects that all of us can feel. With Greg's leadership, it is beyond anyone's imagination how CentiMark's technology will transform in the next five to ten years.


Niranjan Yerraguntla (above, left), SAP Application Manager, Canonsburg, PA

by Greg Wilson, Senior Vice President/Chief Information Officer, Canonsburg, PA

Niranjan Yerraguntla, known as 'Ninja' throughout CentiMark, epitomizes how someone can emigrate to the United States and achieve success.  After a college education and several years of experience in India, he elected to leave his home country with only those possessions that would fit in a suitcase, arriving in California ready to start a new life.  After a brief telephone interview, he accepted a programming contract position to join our SAP software support team.  Ninja boarded a Greyhound bus, headed for some place called Pittsburgh, PA.  

It took very little time for us to recognize his exceptional competence in his trade - software programming - and his deep knowledge of SAP.  We expected some, but got more.  We did not expect to discover someone with a deep understanding of business process, effective communication skills and unparalleled kindness toward and consideration of his fellow employees.  Starting as a temporary contract employee, he now heads our SAP Department.

Ninja has helped transform SAP from supporting back-office accounting functions to become a critical part of the information management relies on every day for decision-making.  He is also a team player working with other members of our Information Systems team to create unique solutions for other CentiMark associates and the customers we serve.

Ninja has the respect of all those that interact with him, and he grants everyone equal respect.  It is an honor for me to work with such a fine and dedicated individual and a pleasure to know him on a personal basis.