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CentiMark's 52nd Anniversary - Part 2 - Q & A with Ed Dunlap, Tim Dunlap

CentiMark's 52nd Anniversary - Part 2 - Q & A with Ed Dunlap, Tim Dunlap CentiMark's 52nd Anniversary - Part 2 - Q & A with Ed Dunlap, Tim Dunlap

Interview with Ed Dunlap, CentiMark Founder, Chairman & CEO

What would you like to say to CentiMark associates on the occasion of this 52nd Anniversary on April 19, 2020?

Thank you. The strength of CentiMark is and has always been the hard work and dedication of CentiMark’s associates. In 1968, I had one associate working with me and now we have 3,500 associates in 85 offices.

I miss the days when the company was small and I knew everyone’s name along with their spouse and children. We used to have family picnics and Christmas parties and I was able to take pride in watching our associates succeed in the company and watch their families grow. I would like to personally thank the spouses for their sacrifices at home in order for their husbands/wives to travel, work and relocate geographically for CentiMark business.

I take great pride in establishing our Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP) in 1987, as our associates have been able to share in the financial success of the company.

And, I would like to thank my son Tim for his leadership of the day-to-day CentiMark business. He’s doing a great job at the helm and we’re looking forward to achieving our next goal of one billion dollars in sales.

Work Hard. Work Smart. Stay Safe.

What's your favorite CentiMark memory?

Surviving the early years and eventually stabilizing CentiMark. I had so many struggles with making money, paying bills and growing the company. There were times when my accountants and lawyers told me to file for bankruptcy or close the company down. But I always believed in my dreams for CentiMark and luckily, I had many hard-working associates help me achieve those goals. In 1994, when CentiMark reached $100 million in revenue, I knew we turned the corner. From that point on, CentiMark continued to steadily grow. Here we are - 52 years later - a $750+ million dollar corporation closing in on our goal of one billion dollars.

TimDunlapCentiMark Desk12Interview with Tim Dunlap, CentiMark President & COO

What would you like to say to CentiMark associates on the occasion of this 52nd Anniversary on April 19, 2020?
On behalf of my father and I, we appreciate all of your hard work and dedication to CentiMark. It is a pleasure working with you. Thank you and Happy 52nd Anniversary to all. Enjoy!!!

What's your favorite CentiMark memory?

My favorite CentiMark memory is when I was promoted to CentiMark President & COO in 2003. It was always my dream to follow in my father’s footsteps and run the day-to-day of CentiMark like he did.

For challenges - let's talk about 2008 recession and COVID-19 and how CentiMark came through the recession and what our strengths are to come through the health and economic downturn of the COVID-19 virus.

CentiMark’s management is conservative. We are financially strong, with no debt, money in the bank and investment accounts. We own our Corporate headquarters. Our Executive and Management Teams watch overhead, control expenses and adapt to the changes in doing business caused by both the recession in 2008 and the COVID-19 crisis in 2020.

The strength of CentiMark is our associates, especially the 227 associates with 20+ years of experience. Our CentiMark team is smart about business. CentiMark associates have wisdom and are creative in adapting to the changing ways of doing business. During the 2008 recession, we did not have to lay off associates and we’re hoping the same will be true for 2020.

CentiMark, like all businesses, is in survival mode. Together, we are weathering an unprecedented health, safety and economic crisis.

What are the factors that will help us reach our billion dollar goal?

First, I wish we could eliminate COVID-19 for the health, safety and economic well being of everyone at CentiMark and throughout our country and the world.

After the recession in 2008, our country rebounded with a strong economy that was a great benefit to CentiMark. Our greatest strength has always been and will always be our hard working and dedicated CentiMark associates.

Additionally, we have an aggressive marketing strategy, an increasing customer market share, an expanding service repair and maintenance division and strategic cross marketing of our roofing and flooring services and products.

Our utilization of technology is an important factor in our success today and moving forward. We made huge investments in technology starting in the 1990s and those investments have paid off and made us competitive in so many ways. One way is to enable some of our CentiMark associates to work from home during the COVID-19 crisis. We use digital administrative processes that previously required paper for internal, customer and vendor transactions.

Our roofing crews, technical, sales and operations teams use electronic devices and software programs to identify roof leaks with GPS coordinates, photograph before and after roof leak repairs, prepare proposals and create invoices. Our customers utilize online comprehensive asset management and roof portfolio management programs for historical, financial and photographic data about their roofs. Drones help measure roofs, look for safety hazards on the roof, detect moisture through infrared thermal imaging and provide virtual roof walks to prepare Drone Site Assessment Programs.

Our continued commitments in technology will make our business even more efficient for our CentiMark associates, customers and vendors.

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