VeteranAnderson72resJoseph Anderson has worked for three years as a Service Sales Representative in the Albany, NY office. He served in the United States Navy for three years as a Petty Officer 3rd Class (F-4).

1. Why did you join the military? September 11th - Redemption

2. How does your military experience affect your life today? Being in the Repair Division as a Hull Maintenance Technician, I learned a lot about everything as we were known as the "Jacks of all Trades". But, I would say the number one thing that stuck with me and has helped in the advancement of my career is: Attention to Detail!

3. Is there a person(s) that you met in the military that changed or influenced your life? W.O. King, the wealth of knowledge he passed down was immense.

4. What experience(s) stands out to you as the most memorable or significant? U.S.S John F. Kennedy (Big John) deployments. Nothing like living on an aircraft carrier with 5,000+ shipmates.

5. What values, freedoms, rights did you feel that you served our country for? Patriotism was a value instilled to me by my family. The freedoms we have now are owed to all that have paid the ultimate price to protect our way of life.