Ronald Boucher works in the Houston, TX office at CentiMark in Service/Sales/QAR Rep. He has been with the company for 15 years and in roofing for 35 years. Ron served in the United States Air Force as a Senior Jet Engine Mechanic for six years active service and two years in the reserve. His rank was Technical Sergeant.

1. Why did you join the military? I couldn't afford to attend college, so the military was the best opportunity for my future.

2. How does your military experience affect your life today? It helped me to grow as a person. I got out from under my Mom’s care and learned to take responsibility.

3. What values, freedoms, rights did you feel that you served our country for? Serving your country definitely opens your eyes to those who sacrificed everything we take for granted as Americans. FREEDOM as we know it is NOT FREE. I knew so many good men and women who died for our country. They had families, children and lost everything so that our borders will never ever be invaded. PRAY we stay strong and never have a war in the United States.