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Clean, sanitize and disinfect your commercial space with QM CSD

Clean, sanitize and disinfect your commercial space with QM CSD Clean, sanitize and disinfect your commercial space with QM CSD

Keeping your commercial, industrial or retail space cleaned, sanitized and disinfected at all times is now more imperative than ever before. Maybe you work in a high foot traffic area and want to protect yourself and your customers. Or, maybe you work with vulnerable persons and want to help keep them as safe as possible. QuestMark’s QM CSD is the solution for almost any business to help fight the Coronavirus and other harmful pathogens and bacteria.

QM CSD is a system designed to clean, sanitize and disinfect high touch areas and floors. How does it work? Our QuestMark crews will use auto scrubbers with the appropriate pads and approved cleaners to remove all organic matter first. After everything is cleaned, ProKure V, a 3-part chlorine dioxide system, will be used to sanitize and disinfect the surface.

This product is a known virucide against Coronavirus, quickly and efficiently killing harmful molecules and bacteria. It is also a fungicide, disinfectant, sanitizer and deodorizer. Suitable for LEED properties and an EPA registered deodorizer and disinfectant, QM CSD is a hospital-type disinfectant with over 30 pathogen claims that you can trust.

This system works on resinous, hard surfaces and polished concrete floors. Additionally, we can clean, sanitize and disinfect your high-touch areas including door handles, restrooms, break rooms and food surfaces. If you’re in a retail space, areas of heavy foot traffic, a warehouse or almost any other type of commercial space, this may be a solution for you.

Let us help keep your business as safe as possible for everyone. If you have a concern and need your space cleaned, sanitized and disinfected, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’ve got you covered.

Read more about QM CSD here.

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