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Dan Miller - Celebrating 39 Years at CentiMark

Dan Miller - Celebrating 39 Years at CentiMark Dan Miller - Celebrating 39 Years at CentiMark

Today is the fifth in our eight part blog series featuring our memories from several of CentiMark’s longest term associates and a focus on the “Mark” that CentiMark and the Dunlap’s have contributed to the commercial roofing and flooring industries.  

Dan Miller joined CentiMark 39 years ago on February 28, 1982. Dan started with CentiMark on the roofing crew. He saw many opportunities for advancement and in less than a year he was promoted to roofing foreman and then Warehouse Manager.

Dan relocated to Allentown, PA for an opportunity in the flooring division. There, he was mentored by now retired Eastern Group Director Robert Fulton. Dan says: “Bob taught me how to be successful at CentiMark.”

After four years in flooring sales, Ed Dunlap asked Dan to go back into the operations side of flooring. “He saw a need for more oversight in operations and I gladly took the job,” adds Dan. “At that time, Ed Dunlap learned about a new opportunity in commercial flooring known as polished concrete*. The polished concrete machines were expensive. But Ed Dunlap is a visionary and a risk taker and he took the chance and invested in the equipment and training.  And, he was well-rewarded as polished concrete grew the flooring division ten-fold.”

Today, Dan is the NE Regional Manager for QuestMark, a Division of CentiMark. Dan oversees 67 associates in three flooring offices: Whitehall, PA; Colonial Heights, VA and Windsor, CT.

What can you share about Ed Dunlap?
“Mr. D is one of the most generous people I have ever known. He has donated to thousands of charities over the years. He has shared the ownership of the company with his associates beginning on November 1, 1988 through an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) program for our retirement.  When the company was smaller, he would take the entire company and spouses on weeklong trips to Paradise Island, Bahamas and other venues as a reward for success. We would hold meetings, have awards ceremonies and just get together for fun and relaxation. Ed Dunlap treats us like family and CentiMark is a family.”

When did you realize that CentiMark was going to succeed?
“I realized early in my career that this is the company that I wanted to work for. There were so many opportunities within the organization to learn and to advance. Mr. D called me in the late 1990s-early 2000s and asked me to spend time in a few offices and figure out the operational problems in those offices. Working together with our offices, we did some fine tuning with approval from Mr. D and under his direction and we had those offices back on track. He was very aware of all aspects of his business, who needed assistance and committed to helping everyone succeed.”

What were your most influential years at CentiMark?
“That would be when polished concrete was introduced around 2003.  Mr. D invested in polished concrete equipment and training. The new technology for this service and new sales opportunities gave the flooring division a new opportunity for growth.  Polished concrete continues to be the largest driver of our QuestMark business today.”

What do you like about working at CentiMark?
“If I had to do it all over again,  I wouldn’t change a thing. I have enjoyed working alongside so many amazing people.  I appreciate all of the opportunities that I have been given to provide for my family.”

Congratulations Dan Miller on 39 years at CentiMark!

*Polishing is a unique, multi-step process of progressively finer grinding concrete or terrazzo floor surfaces through the use of diamonds and high-technology equipment. The polishing process turns an ordinary floor surface into an impressive, beautiful floor with a quality sheen, color and the ability to prevent water and other contaminants from penetrating the surface. DiamondQuest is QuestMark’s branded concrete polishing process.

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