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Dear CentiMark

Dear CentiMark

What is wind uplift?

Mother Nature can cause havoc to roofs. Wind uplift forces cause roof damage that can be readily apparent as well as cause damage undetectable to the untrained eye. That’s why damage from wind requires a professional roofer to assess the immediate effects as well as potential or longer term problems.

Wind uplift is the net upward force of air on the roofing system when the air pressure below the roof is greater than the air pressure above the roof. This effect creates a vortex of wind where it swirls over the roof edges and may lift the roofing materials and accessories off the roof. High winds may cause roof membranes to separate at seams and flashings.

Wind uplift damage may not be easily seen but still may cause roof leaks. Roof damage, if unattended, could lead to a major roof replacement.

For wind damage, trained roofing professionals should inspect the roof after a storm to provide expert advice and proactive repairs. In parts of the country where wind damage is more common, high compressive strength roof cover boards for low-slope roofs are used as an added protection from the wind.

A Roof Edge Inspection is key to evaluating the roof system and determining what is needed to reinforce the roof edge. Our skilled roofing inspectors examine:

  • Drip Edge, Fascia, Gravel Stop
  • Coping
  • Gutters & Downspouts


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