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Do You Know The Condition of Your Roof?


Knowing the condition of your roof can extend its life.

The goal for your long-term investment is to get a good return and keep your building watertight. When there are problems with your roof, those issues cannot be ignored.
Weather, chemical pollutants, rooftop traffic and moisture are all factors affecting the overall condition of your roof.

With CentiMark’s Roof Evaluation Services, we can tailor a program to increase your ROI (Return on Investment) and help you get maximum value from your roofing dollars.
Roof Proposal - free roof condition report, photographs, suggested scope of work, construction details and pricing.
Asset Alert Program - evaluation of roof conditions that identify the expected life of the roof. The scope of work includes preventative maintenance, roof repairs or roof replacement and pricing.
Asset Management Program - comprehensive analysis of your roof by sections resulting in a Roof Life Index (RLI). Scope of work and pricing provided. The cost for this service ranges from .01 to .05 cents per square foot per visit (on average).
Understanding the condition of your roof will help you make the best repair or re-roofing decisions. Whether you are looking to prepare future budgets or get your project finished before the end of the year, our roof inspection and evaluation services can help you identify solutions for your roofing needs.



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