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Drone Technology Enhances Roofing Services

Aerial View of a Commercial Roof from DroneTechnology is being used in CentiMark roofing services to benefit customers in a number of ways. From infrared thermal imaging used to detect moisture captured within a roof to unmanned aircraft (drones) used to enhance inspections.

This technology provides building owners and managers with a better understanding of their roof conditions and provides the information necessary to make informed roofing decisions. It is important for CentiMark to stay on the forefront of technology in order to bring customers the best services possible.

How drones are being used:

  • Drones provide unique aerial photos or videos showing a clear overview of the roof. This allows CentiMark to work with building owners and managers to review any areas of concern, discuss project scope and review any logistical issues associated with construction. This also allows the building owners and managers to share this information without anyone having to get up on the roof.
  • Thermal scan cameras attached to the drone provide a thorough assessment of where moisture exists on the roof and where insulation may have been compromised. This allows customers to view the video or photography showing them the condition of their roof and where core samples are needed.
  • The use of drones also allows customers to get status updates of their roofing project without the need to get up on the roof. They can stay better informed of the progress of their project in a much easier way and share the information as needed.

    Note: Changes in regulations require the user to gain a UAS Pilot Certificate to fly drones for commercial use. Detailed information can be found at CentiMark is in compliance with this regulation and CentiMark Drone pilots are UAS Pilot Certified.




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