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External Roof Safety Accessories to Maintain Social Distancing

External Roof Safety Accessories to Maintain Social Distancing External Roof Safety Accessories to Maintain Social Distancing

Changing the way businesses operate in a post COVID-19 world is essential to keeping everyone safe and healthy. As companies adjust to new business practices, CentiMark is here and committed to providing external rooftop safety accessories for your commercial properties to help keep people outside of your building and maintain safe social distancing.

Fixed Ladders

The installation of external fixed ladder systems on your commercial building provides a variety of benefits to your business. Fixed ladders provide a designated access point for people to get up on your roof without ever having to enter your building. Not only does this help maintain social distancing practices, but it is a safer long-term solution with minimal interruption to your regular business operations.

External roof access can be a cost-effective solution. You don’t need a roof hatch on your roof and you won’t need to take up internal floor space. External fixed ladders are also OSHA compliant and can be configured to suit site-specific requirements.

Ladder Security Door

A ladder security door can be installed at the base of your external fixed ladder to prevent unauthorized access to your roof. These security doors can be locked to mitigate the risk of unauthorized people accessing the roof. This is a great way to help ensure the safety and security of your building.

Fall Arrest Systems

Building owners who have fixed ladders without any form of fall protection, such as cages or fall arrest systems, will be non-compliant and in violation of OSHA regulations. By November 19, 2036, all fixed ladders 24 ft or taller (20 ft or taller in California) will require a personal fall arrest system. A personal fall arrest system is a cable trolley or similar system and a personal harness system with a lanyard. At CentiMark, we can assist you with becoming OSHA compliant by installing a fall arrest system on your fixed ladders to help keep your personnel protected from falls and as safe as possible.

Walkway Systems

Roof walkway systems help direct traffic on your roof in a safe and effective way. These systems allow for personnel to walk your roof without causing any damage to your roof or rooftop projections while also keeping personnel as safe as possible by keeping them away from hazards. They are slip resistant, customizable and can be quickly installed to provide minimal disruption to your business operations.


Guardrail systems provide safety for maintenance personnel while working on rooftops. These systems provide fall protection around the roof perimeter, protection around rooftop equipment and machinery, and protect against other unprotected fall edges.

As you begin making adjustments for the safety and security of others in this new environment, let us help. We can install these accessories to help you gain a peace of mind knowing that when someone needs access to your roof, you have all of the proper safety equipment in place and are ready to go.

To have a CentiMark rep contact you to discuss external safety accessories for your roof, click here and fill out the form on the right.

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