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Fall Roof Preparation Series (Part 1): The Benefits of a Preventative Maintenance Program

mikeinspectingroofAs a building owner or manager, you know how important a proper Preventative Maintenance Program can be for your roof. Every building is unique - CentiMark can help structure a customized program designed specifically to protect your roof with consideration of your budget.

Preventative Maintenance Programs typically are a series of pre-scheduled inspections, housekeeping and repairs that help prolong the life of your roof. It is recommended that inspections are performed every six months, especially in the spring, fall and after a severe weather event.

Because roofs are constantly exposed to the elements, it is all the more essential to be prepared with routine inspections. Summer heat can cause cracks in the membrane. Heavy winds can cause wind uplift. Hail stones may cause tears that can result in leaks. Often times this damage goes undetected until winter when your roof may sustain even further damage from heavy snow loads or ice expansion.

The Importance of Preventative Maintenance for Your Roof:

  • Regular maintenance can help to extend the life of your roof
  • Failure to maintain optimal performance may result in early deterioration of the roof system, putting your investment at risk

Five Ways to Stay on Top of Your Roof:

  1. Visually inspect roof for obvious signs of damage
  2. Keep roof clean and free of debris
  3. Schedule fall and spring roof inspections
  4. Act fast after severe weather occurs
  5. Make sure recommended repairs are performed in a timely manner


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