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Fall Roof Preparation Series (Part 4): Get Your Roof Ready For Winter

CentiMarkInspection BizJournalOnce fall is here, it is important to start thinking about preparing your roof for the harsh winter weather!

1. The most important way to get your roof ready for winter is to schedule a roof inspection. Our crews will inspect the roof for damage and remove any debris, leaves or other objects on the roof. Next, they will clean the drains and scuppers to allow the free flow of water and prevent ponding water.

2. Consider the benefits of roof accessories that help with snow and ice melt:

  • Snow guards to hold onto the snow at the edge and the peak of the roof
  • Heat tape on the downspouts to help control ice build-up
  • Steam heat on gutters to break up ice buildup and prevent the gutter from collapsing.

3. If the snow on your roof is so heavy that roof collapse is a concern, our crews can remove the snow safely from your roof and without damaging the roof membrane and other roof penetrations. While we are on the roof, the crews can repair any roof leaks or damage to the roof.



4. In some parts of the county, hail damage to the roof is more significant than snow or ice. Hail can fracture or shred your roofing membrane and go unnoticed to an untrained eye. It may be months before these fractures open up and cause leaks in your building. After a severe hail storm, you should schedule a roof inspection to check for hail damage.

5. Your budget concerns factor into how we can help you. As a start, we can provide you with capital and operating budget numbers for short- and long-term improvements on your roof. Since price increases on raw materials are expected for 2017, you may want to consider our Winter Freeze on Pricing contract. If you commit to a roofing project between now and December 31, 2016, you will freeze the price of the project through June 2017. As our commitment to you, CentiMark will provide no-cost emergency patch and repair services until your roofing project begins. Additionally, you receive priority scheduling for the project in the spring of 2017. Moving forward on other projects in 2017, we can talk about financing options.

Please call 800-558-4100 for a local CentiMark associate to help prepare your roof for winter!

Why Snow and Ice Removal from Your Roof is Importa...

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