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Family Guidance - A Tribute to CentiMark's 50th

Greg Wilson Being a Mentor for Family Guidance50 years - what a wonderful accomplishment! Congratulations on making a difference to so many people and organizations over your five decades. On behalf of Family Guidance, we want to say thank you for the impact you have made through your generosity and gracious giving.

Our one2one Mentoring program has been so positively supported by you. Every child needs a friend and you help ensure this happens. Your donations helps us to match community members with a child who needs a little extra love and attention. Many of the children in our one2one mentoring program benefit greatly from this program, which helps build confidence, develop positive relationships and instill values that will help them make good decisions. This all happens one child at a time.

But you know all about the power of One2One Mentoring because your own associate, Greg Wilson [Senior Vice President/Chief Information Officer], is a mentor for Family Guidance. He and his mentee will celebrate fourChild being Mentored through One2Oneyears of being matched together this February. So many awesome celebrations are happening! They spend time together weekly, doing things like having a meal together, building 250-piece robots, baking cookies, praying, going to sporting events, reading books including the Bible and just talking and listening to each other about the everyday things. Greg and his mentee love spending time together and both are blessed as a result of this friendship.

You also have gone above and beyond by donating backpacks so that each of the children in our one2one Mentoring program would be ready for the school year. The mentees and their families were THRILLED when we delivered their backpacks to them. The kids immediately pulled out the supplies and screamed with excitement. The parents thanked us repeatedly, often saying they didn’t know where they were going to get money for school supplies. What a gift for the families.

We hope you know how much your support means. Thank you so much for including Family Guidance as an organization you have been committed to helping.

Congratulations again on celebrating 50 years! You have already created quite a legacy and we wish you many more years ahead.

Family Guidance Board and Staff


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