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Bidding a new project? Flooring Solutions for Architects and General Contractors.

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Managing a commercial construction project and multiple vendors can get very hectic. When it comes to installing floors, you want to have confidence in your contractor, knowing that they have you covered. Here’s how QuestMark’s commercial flooring specialists can help you with your next job.

  • Previous experience and specialization: Over decades of commercial-only flooring experience, QuestMark’s team has successfully completed projects in a variety of industries including; manufacturing, retail, cold storage, warehousing, healthcare and many others. Our technicians and crews have extensive experience with virtually every type of commercial building in North America. As a specialized commercial flooring contractor, we have a comprehensive understanding of the industry-specific requirements, codes and best practices, taking some of the pressure off your plate. We may even be a preferred vendor for your client already. 
  • History, reputation and financial stability: Particularly for large-scale projects, you want to have complete confidence that your flooring vendor is stable, reliable and financially ready for the unexpected. As a part of CentiMark Corporation, we have 5A1 Dun & Bradstreet rating and a net worth in excess of $551 million. CentiMark Corporation has over 55 years of stellar performance in the market and a great reputation.
  • How do we fit into your bidding process? As the largest nationwide commercial flooring contractor, we have the resources and bandwidth to take on more work than any other contractor, making it easier to meet your deadlines.
  • Warranties: Our Single Source gloss and dust proof warranty covers materials, labor and tooling. When a commercial flooring contractor only provides a warranty on their work and you have to rely on a manufacturer to resolve any defects of the materials - the warranty claim process may get very complex and time-consuming. To simplify your project management, we offer a Single Source Warranty covering labor and materials, eliminating extra hustle if you have to submit a claim.
  • Coverage: Our nationwide presence with crews from coast to coast has a few advantages over local contractors, particularly for your large accounts. Uniform training, experience and high-quality standards (regardless of crew locations) will provide consistent, predictable installation and repair results. This may help streamline your bidding process nationwide as you don't have to start your vendor search in a new area from scratch. 
  • Communication: When it comes to complex commercial projects, communication is king. Falling behind may get costly, particularly when your client's business operations are affected or late fines are in place.We will walk through the entire project with you from start to finish, keep you informed on the progress and always make ourselves available as a resource.
  • Centralization of your flooring needs: As an all-encompassing commercial flooring contractor, we provide multiple tools and solutions to simplify your project management. This allows for quicker turnaround, easier communication and ease of managing contractors.

From a straightforward bidding process and clear expectations to high-quality results, QuestMark's commercial flooring team will be by your side every step of the way. Whether it's time to write a new specification, resurface an existing commercial floor or discuss cleaning and maintenance programs to maximize the life of your client's floors, give us a call! 

With over 55 years of specialized experience, our comprehensive understanding of commercial flooring means that we will consistently bring our knowledge to keep you informed while helping you make the best decisions for your project. With offices across North America, we have excellent coverage and plenty of crews to handle more projects than any other commercial flooring contractor. Our vast experience with national and global brands includes industrial, retail, hospitality, healthcare, education and other types of commercial facilities. Our goal is to simplify your flooring project management through clear communication, digital tools for easy access to documentation and updates, Single Source Warranty, customized service and maintenance programs and more. It's important to us that you are fully informed from start to finish. Reach out to us today and let's begin your next project together. 

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