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Green from Roof to Floor

Green from Roof to Floor

Let’s look at environmental issues and green solutions for roofing and flooring.


Green or sustainable solutions seek to preserve the environment in which we live and work through daily practices that have minimal impact to that environment for the benefit of future generations. In our daily lives, we buy energy efficient light bulbs or recycle office paper to save energy costs and reduce the impact on the environment. At CentiMark, we provide sustainable roofing and flooring solutions for our customers to improve the energy and environmental performance of their building envelopes. This blog shares the many ways in which we help reduce energy consumption, promote healthier working environments and create longer lasting, more durable roofing and flooring systems.


Sustainable, energy efficient roofing

Your roof is a key asset to conserving (or losing) energy. Reflective materials such as white roof membranes and coatings save energy normally absorbed by the roof. Garden roofing with plants and trees may mitigate the urban heat island effect in large urban areas. Older buildings often have little to no insulation, especially compared to today's code requirements. Daylighting, through the use of skylights, can offset energy costs and reduce artificial lighting needs. Solar photovoltaic (PV) cells on your roof can produce your own energy for the building. Let CentiMark help identify ways to improve the energy efficiency of your facility and increase your bottom line.


Sustainable flooring:

Does your facility have old, worn out vinyl tile or carpet? Are you considering replacing them? How often do you have to clean, polish and replace sections because of excessive dirt? All these things add up - both financially and environmentally. Having to replacing tile or carpet not only is expensive but its sends tons of material to a landfill and potentially exposes building occupants to additional volatile organic compounds (VOC's) in new carpet or adhesives.


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Concrete polishing eliminates both of these worries as well as extending the life of your floor. This process transforms an existing structural component into an aesthetic floor finish without the use of harsh chemicals. Polished concrete floor systems eliminate the need to re-coat or regularly wax the floors - resulting in less product use. The increased ambient light from the sheen on the floors is great for business and employee morale. Polished concrete has aesthetic value as well as a greater life cycle for the floor system. Let QuestMark schedule a FREE concrete polishing demo for your facility.


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Sustainability at CentiMark:

At CentiMark, we utilize products and practices that reduce negative effects on the environment. We strive to continually improve our existing sustainability efforts and add more environmentally responsible products and practices to meet sustainability goals. In addition to offering our customer various sustainable roofing and flooring solutions, internally we find ways to reduce our impact on the environment through various initiatives: waste diversion, energy efficiency, preferred purchasing and facility operations and cleaning at each of our 80 locations. We utilize locally sourced material through each of our local offices as well as using low VOC (volatile organic compounds) adhesives and sealants on our projects.


Each local CentiMark office has a recycling program as well as offering recycling services on their projects for roofing materials. In addition to the environmentally-friendly roofing practices, products and internal initiatives, we also perform preventative measures and assessments to further mitigate our impact to the environment:

1. CentiMark has a tracking program that monitors vehicle idling time, speeding and preventive maintenance.

2. CentiMark conducts site assessments to identify project setup areas that will cause the least amount of disruption to the surrounding environment.

3. CentiMark utilizes custom sized materials to reduce waste on all projects

4. CentiMarks activities do not release wastewater into the environment.


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Roof Performance Analysis:

Energy: In addition to our general roofing inspection, site specific safety inspections and long-term asset management reports, CentiMark will perform a review of the energy efficiency characteristics of your roof and floor. This process covers the review of the roofs insulating quality, internal lighting system efficiency and controls, options for daylighting through skylight placement and surface reflectivity and applicability of renewable energy systems. CentiMark will then use this assessment to best help guide the customers decision making process for potential upgrades to their facility. These assessment can also be used to show payback periods for most energy efficient improvements.


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2021 Roofing and Flooring Trends

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