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Guardrails - Making the roofing industry safer and more efficient!

roofingasfetyThe use of guardrails as roof edge protection is changing the roofing industry from both a safety and production standpoint.

CentiMark has partnered with two companies providing input to help develop and produce guardrails that work on various types of roof edges. This input from our safety department and production crews has allowed guardrail systems to evolve, making the various attachment points more adaptable. This allows use on a larger variety of roof edges.

With these changes in place, CentiMark embraced using guardrail systems four years ago and today uses them on over 75% of our roofing projects. The use of guardrails provides the following benefits to our customers:

  • Responsibly managed roofing project
  • Safer environment for employees and crews
  • OSHA approved – decreasing stops for inspection
  • Reduction in the likelihood of a potential fall or violation of fall protection rules
  • More productive crews due to ability to work freely and efficiently

Guardrails are a very integral layer of CentiMark’s multi-faceted Safety Program. Many projects now require the use of guardrails and CentiMark has the ability to provide this for your entire roofing project.


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