ArticleImages BudgetThe cost of roofing in 2019 is projected to increase. Weather is always a contributing factor to the cost of roofing and with the impact of Hurricane Florence, we will likely see an increase. The demand for roofing will increase due to the damage which in turn will impact the cost of material and labor rates.

Another factor that will impact the cost of roofing is labor. There is a labor shortage in the construction industry and it isn’t showing any signs of easing anytime soon. The shortage causes labor rates to increase which is then passed on to the project costs. We have seen a few advancements in installation technologies which help with labor savings however, the increase in labor costs has outpaced the efficiencies through technology.

So how can you best develop your roofing budget for 2019? Know the condition of your roof. Through a roof evaluation service such as an inspection, you will receive a report that details the condition of your roof along with photos and recommendations for repairs or replacement. We also have more advanced programs, Asset Alert and Asset Management, which provide more detail into the life expectancy of your roof. Knowing the condition of your roof will help you make your repair and replacement decisions. Replacing your roof too soon prevents you from maximizing your investment and too late could increase your costs due to additional expenses such as insulation or deck replacement.

Act now and get your inspection service scheduled so you know the existing condition of your roof and are able to make the best decisions for your 2019 budget.