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Insurance Storm Claims - Get Your Roof Watertight AND Get Help With Processing Your Claims

Following a weather emergency, it may be days or even weeks before a roofing crew can be mobilized and sent to your facility due to peak repair demands. When you pre-register for CentiMark’s Priority Plus Program we make you a priority by sending service repair crews to your facility as quickly as it is safe to travel. Our crews will inspect the condition of the roof, determine damage and perform necessary emergency repairs.

After storm damage from rain, hail and/or hurricanes, the most important priority is to get your roof watertight to protect the inside of your facility. Before you submit claims to repair the damage, you need to have a comprehensive inspection report from a reputable roofing contractor to submit to your insurance company.

Hurricane Case Study: Alamac American Knits LLC, Lumberton, NC

Introduction: Hurricane Matthew was a powerful and devastating Category 5 Hurricane that hit the Southeastern part of the United States October 6-10, 2016. Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina suffered $10 billion in property damages and the loss of 47 lives.

Solution: CentiMark had completed half of a full roof replacement at a 350,000 square foot facility for customer Alamac American Knits LLC when Hurricane Matthew hit Lumberton, NC.

Hurricane Matthew blew away 30,000 square feet of the roof system and damaged the remaining 320,000 square feet.

Alamac, a ten year CentiMark customer, called their insurance company after the hurricane hit. Their second call was to CentiMark.

“I would like to recognize the outstanding assistance last fall [2016] in response to the damage our plant sustained from Hurricane Matthew,” stated Mark Cabral, President, Alamac. “During the hectic time after the disaster, I was able to focus on our employees, customers and other critical business concerns while CentiMark took care of our short-term and long-term roofing needs.”

Here’s how Alamac and CentiMark worked together in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew:

“Dealing with an over $2 million roof project can obviously be taxing on any organization. CentiMark’s ability and willingness to offer finance options were a notable service and very beneficial,” added Alamac President, Mark Cabral.” There are a multitude of testimonies I can give where CentiMark demonstrated outstanding customer service. What stands out in my mind is how easy CentiMark made it for Alamac to do business. This freed me up to focus and concentrate on managing our business during this atypical and challenging hurricane event.”

CentiMark will help secure your facility and assets so you can focus on your employees and business with peace of mind. Following a weather emergency, ensure your building is watertight by working with a reputable roofing contractor.


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