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Is Your Roof Prepared for Winter?

ready for winter

Let’s do a quick checkup.

The summer heat and storms have passed and the colder temperatures are here. Have you inspected your roof recently? Storm debris, vegetation growth, UV exposure and other factors may have affected your roof over the summer, causing damage you may not even see. However, properly maintaining your roof and making any necessary repairs are essential to get your facility ready for winter. Where to start?

Schedule a detailed roof evaluation: Some damage may not be visible to an untrained eye. A thorough roof evaluation will provide you with a detailed condition report and outline any repairs or maintenance that may be needed. 

Complete any repairs as soon as possible. Waiting to perform roof repairs can cause further damage and additional expense. Getting your needed projects scheduled as soon as you can will also help prevent price increases, material shortages and high backlogs that are currently present in the roofing industry. 

Remove any debris: Leaves, branches, twigs, dirt and other debris may clog your roof drainage systems and cause ponding water. Keeping your rooftop clean is crucial to keeping your facility watertight.

Have a snow removal plan: If your area gets snow, plan ahead. There are a few issues with snow and ice on commercial roofs: it's heavier than you think, often it's not distributed evenly due to drifts and projections on your roof, it may block access to your HVAC or vents and it could cause slip and fall accidents just to mention a few. We recommend hiring only experienced commercial roofing contractors with high safety ratings for snow removal. Why? Your contractor should have a deep understanding of your roof to properly remove any snow or ice to prevent any damage to your roof.

Your commercial roof is your first line of defense against the elements. Help it stay watertight this winter.  Click/tap here to read more about our services and contact us today: Services Page >>


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