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January 2014 E-News - Saving Money with Joint Fill on Your Floors

January 2014 E-News - Saving Money with Joint Fill on Your Floors

Saving money is always a good thing - especially when joint fill is a one-time expense for your commercial, industrial or retail concrete floors.

What is joint fill? It’s a rigid material that supports the edge of the joint in areas where there is heavy foot or machine traffic. You want to fill the joints with the product when the concrete is new and the 90 degree angles are crisp.

The function of joint fill is two-fold.

  1. Aesthetic and Sanitation: the joint fill on the concrete floor takes away a place for dirt to harbor. It helps the floor become easier to clean.
  2. Cost Savings to Equipment and Workman’s Comp/Injuries:

By filling the joint, hard wheel traffic (forklifts) are smoother and damage from traffic on the floors is minimized. This joint fill process ultimately reduces the costs of damaged or broken equipment. Also, without jarring when driving a forklift or cart, there is less spilling of product. Another savings is not having broken products or replacement products.

For employees, the more even surface created by the joint fill minimizes the jarring and back injuries when driving equipment in a warehouse or similar facility. This helps reduce injuries, employee time off work and workman’s comp claims.

If you have an older floor, QuestMark can repair existing joints and clean and fill joints that may not have been done when the original floor was finished. We also repair old worn-out or bull-nosed joints through our joint reconstruction process.

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