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Key factors to look for in a commercial roofing contractor

Key factors to look for in a commercial roofing contractor Key factors to look for in a commercial roofing contractor

Your roof is one of the most important assets to your building envelope. It is a huge investment and finding the right contractor to complete your roofing work is imperative to your project. We’ve gathered some key factors to look for when considering a commercial roofing contractor.


It’s important that your roofing contractor can provide you with trustworthy recommendations and has a positive reputation in the industry. This goes a long way in helping you determine the quality of the work you will receive from a roofing company. We have over 52 years of experience and references to provide all of our customers. Our comprehensive understanding of the commercial roofing process and years of experience are just a couple of the reasons why CentiMark is a name you can trust.

Dedication to Safety

Safety should be at the forefront of everything your roofing contractor does. This includes safety inspections, safety training for all employees and the use of rooftop safety equipment and accessories. Your roofing contractor should provide you with a detailed safety plan before any roof work is done. We take safety very seriously. Our top priority is the safety of our customers and employees every time. In fact, CentiMark has an incident rate of 2.16 versus the industry average of 4.4!

Warranty Strength

The warranties that your roofing contractor provides says a lot about the confidence that the contractor has in their employees and the quality of work they provide their customers. This warranty should cover both workmanship and materials. At CentiMark we provide all of our customers with our Single Source Warranty. This means that you work with us and only us to discuss warranty concerns or set-up 24/7 emergency service. We provide a variety of customizable warranty options backed by our multi-million dollar provision. We’re dedicated to providing you with a peace of mind after every roofing job.


The credibility and stability of your roofing contractor are imperative. Many roofing projects can take an extended period of time to complete. It’s important to have a contractor that you know isn’t going anywhere any time soon. In fact, CentiMark has the highest credit rating - 5A1 - from Dun & Bradstreet. This means you can put your trust in us knowing that you have a partner throughout your roof’s useful life.

The quality of your roofing contractor directly correlates to the quality of your roof. Make sure that you properly vet a contractor before you commit to anything. Keeping these key things in mind for your next roofing project, you’ll be able to trust that you’re working with a roofing contractor that will do the job well, and do the job right.

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