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Labor Trends in the Roofing Industry and CentiMark’s Proactive Initiatives

LaborTrendsYour roof is only as good as the people who install it. At CentiMark, we work very hard to find the best qualified associates, from roofing crews to management. Both finding and developing a strong labor force is what truly differentiates one contractor from another. We aggressively invest both time and money into finding, retaining and promoting workers. We take pride in the tenure of our workforce to include 100 associates who have 20+ years of experience with CentiMark and 22 associates who have 30+ years with the company.

Over the past years, the construction industry has had the challenge of labor and skilled workforce shortages. This trend is expected to continue into 2017. The challenges of the workforce shortage that impact the industry include:

  • Maintaining worker-quality and safety with inexperienced skilled labor
  • Increases in pay, bonuses or benefits to solicit and maintain workers
  • Investment costs for recruiting and training for new hires
  • Compliance with regulatory agencies
  • Rising healthcare costs

To help overcome these challenges, CentiMark invests in recruitment, training and retaining our employees not only for our benefit, but for our customers. Consistency in our workforce, specifically our crews, helps ensure the quality workmanship and attention to details that is the CentiMark Difference. Here is how we overcome these challenges.

To help attract and maintain associates, CentiMark workers are part-owners of the company through an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Program). This gives our associates an added financial incentive to work smartly, efficiently and safely. We also offer competitive wages and salary, a comprehensive benefit plan and opportunities for training, advancement and relocation.

We have invested millions of dollars in state-of-the-art safety equipment and training programs. To increase production, reduce duplicate movement of roofing materials and waste and keep job sites safer, we partner with equipment manufacturers to customize equipment for efficiency and to maximize work processes. For example, we utilize wheelbarrows that are rounded - not square - to facilitate the removal of roofing tear-off materials to fit through round trash shoots to move materials to dumpsters. This has reduced the manual labor time required to lift and push the materials from a square wheelbarrow into a round trash shoot and reduces related injuries.

We utilize CentiMark human resource recruiters throughout the United States and Canada to identify potential candidates. Some successful opportunities and strategies to meet potential applicants include:

  • We brand CentiMark not only as a great company to work for but also one that provides good financial opportunities, benefits, training, advancement and relocation opportunities. 
  • We promote CentiMark as a career choice - not just a job in construction.
  • To maximize recruitment efforts from laborers to professionals, we list jobs openings on CentiMark’s website and other online job sites including JazzLinkedInIndeedGlassdoor, Craigslist and Careerjet.
  • Our recruiters use targeted mailers, email campaigns, referral bonus programs for current employees, radio ads, newspaper ads, coffee cup sleeves and sponsorship of youth sports teams.
  • To brand CentiMark in the community, we utilize CentiMark banners on jobsites and signage on CentiMark vans and trucks.
  • Our recruiters make presentations to various groups and build partnerships and relationships in the community. They attend job fairs with Job Corps, technical schools, community colleges, veterans groups, non-profit organizations and community centers to find potential employees.
  • Once a candidate is hired by CentiMark, our Human Resources staff work at onboarding with the new associates. We have established procedures to make new associates feel welcome, informed and ultimately successful. We follow-up with the associates to see how they are progressing in their training and day-to-day job.

In many ways, recruiting candidates is like selling: you have to be persistent, resourceful, passionate and positive. Our focus on recruiting and retaining our associates makes a difference for you, our customers through the quality workmanship and attention to the details.





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