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Let CentiMark Help You Complete Your Fall To-Do List For Your Roof

Let CentiMark Help You Complete Your Fall To-Do List For Your Roof

The summer months brought extreme high temperatures, strong pop-up storms and high winds. This weather pattern can also bring roof damage that can cause problems once winter begins. Be proactive and minimize roofing problems this winter by taking advantage of our resources. By addressing any concerns in the fall, you are preparing your roof for the predicted harsh winter weather.

Let CentiMark help you complete the items on your Fall To-Do List for your roof. Summer weather - good or bad - rain, sun, dry, hail or wind - affects your roof system.

Roofing Fall To-Do List

  • Schedule a roof inspection - check for roof leaks, debris on roof, existing or potential roof problems.
  • Review your preventative maintenance needs as outlined on your roof warranty. Enroll in a Preventative Maintenance Program
  • Download the CentiMark Mobile APP on your cell phone or tablet to quickly and efficiently request service on your roof for leaks or other problems.
  • National Account Customers: Review your MyCentiMark account to see what your past problems have been. What suggestions were made for roofing improvements. Is it time to schedule those improvements?
  • Plan your roofing budget for 2015 with your CentiMark Project Manager.
  • For white TPO roofs, schedule a roof cleaning of the dirt, grime, algae and mold.


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