There are many effective flooring solutions available for different budgets and facilities. We’re breaking down the benefits of each flooring system to help you determine which kind may work best for your needs.

Polished Concrete Flooring

Polished concrete is an excellent, durable option for a variety of commercial buildings. Polished concrete is a great solution that can be applied to many different types of facilities, from industrial manufacturing plants and pharmaceutical testing labs, to airline hangers and locker rooms. This solution requires minimal maintenance, stands up to wear-and-tear and protects against the absorption of a variety of contaminants.

Floor Coatings

If your floors are too rough for thin mil urethane coatings but not damaged enough for a heavy duty resurfacer, then floor coatings are great options to help protect your concrete floors and hide minor imperfections in older floors. Coatings are often used in manufacturing facilities as well as control rooms and laboratories. They come in a variety of solutions based on different environments, such as electrostatic dissipative coatings for electronic industries and chemical-resistant epoxies for high chemical environments such as labs and pharmaceutical processing areas.

Urethane Flooring

Urethane flooring is a cost-effective and slip-resistant solution that stands up to moisture and aggressive cleaning techniques. This flooring solution is especially beneficial for food and beverage manufacturing plants, automotive shops and agricultural buildings. Urethane flooring doesn’t require primers or sealers, has an easy one-step application process and is a low-odor product, allowing for minimal disruption to your business operations during installation.


Resurfacers are used to repair worn or damaged floors by smoothing over large sections to provide a durable and seamless surface that can withstand cleaning, chemicals and thermal shock. Resurfacers such as plastic mortar are a great option that meet USDA and OSHA requirements.

Decorative Broadcast Flooring

If you have concrete floors that are moderately worn or pitted, decorative broadcast flooring is a monolithic epoxy resurfacer that is a great option for resurfacing and restoration. This solution provides an attractive and decorative finish to your floors by incorporating colored quartz or color flakes into your current flooring system. Decorative broadcast flooring is great for floors in the retail industry and commercial environment. This solution is also commonly used by general contractors as well as architects and designers.

These are just a few of the flooring solutions available for commercial floors. To learn more about all of the different flooring solutions available and the benefits that come with each option, take a look at our flooring solutions page.