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Long, Hot Summer - Can the Sun Damage My Roof?


RoofDamageCan the sun damage my roof? That’s an interesting and complex question. Do you know that there are both beneficial and detrimental aspects of sunlight and its effect on your roof?

On the positive side, the sun can help provide light for interior spaces through prismatic skylights, create a more natural work environment and save significantly on energy costs. The sun can also serve to reduce costs and may provide an actual income stream through photovoltaic solar systems on a roof.

However, the sun is one of the harshest elements of nature that affects a roof. Hot, dry weather can crack a roofing membrane which can result in roof leaks once it does rain. Don’t think dry weather means your roof is OK.

The sun’s intensity and related heat can cause the roof and flashings to fail prematurely. Even roof systems utilizing white reflective membranes can experience problems due to extreme exposure to the sun and heat loads. Asphalt based roofs, when exposed to the sun and any standing water, may result in the light oils leaching from the waterproofing bitumen and cause premature failure.

These are reasons why routine inspections and Preventative Maintenance programs are key to preventing roof failure.

After Summer months of extreme high temperatures, strong storms and high winds can bring roof damage that can cause headaches with the onset of Autumn and Winter weather. Be proactive and minimize future roofing problems by taking advantage of our Fall Preventative Maintenance programs. By addressing any concerns in the Fall, you are preparing your roof for the predicted harsh Winter weather.

Let CentiMark help you complete the items on your Fall To-Do List for your roof.

  • Schedule a roof inspection - check for roof leaks, debris on roof, existing or potential roof problems.
  • Familiarize yourself with the 50-point inspection checklist.
  • For white TPO roofs, schedule a roof cleaning of the dirt, grime, algae and mold.
  • Review your preventative maintenance needs as outlined on your roof warranty.
  • Be familiar with CentiMark’s online tools to help you document your roofing needs.
  • Download the CentiMark Mobile App on your cell phone or tablet to quickly and efficiently request service on your roof for leaks or other problems.
  • For current customers, review your MyCentiMark account to see what your past problems have been. What suggestions were made for roofing improvements. Is it time to schedule those improvements?
  • Plan your roofing budget for 2017 with your CentiMark Project Managers.

To schedule an inspection, click here and complete the form on this page

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