Make a great first impression this year with post-holiday retail floor maintenance. Make a great first impression this year with post-holiday retail floor maintenance.

The holidays are over, and the busiest season for retail has once again come and gone. Like most retail stores, you likely experienced a lot of foot traffic over the holiday season and your floors were put to the test. Now that you have a little more downtime in your store, this is a great opportunity to do some clean-up, start the year off on the right foot and get your floors back in excellent shape. Here are our top tips for post-holiday retail clean-up.

Understand the Condition of Your Floors

While you were busy making sales and focusing on your business, there may have been some damage that occurred to your floors over the holidays. In order to understand the condition of your floors and ensure that nothing is overlooked, we recommend scheduling a comprehensive inspection. This way, we will be able to identify any problems or areas where the concrete or epoxy may be in need of patches or repairs. We will provide recommended solutions to help you provide the safest environment for your customers and employees.

Complete Needed Repairs

If the inspection determined any areas on your floors that need to be addressed, it’s always a good idea to get necessary flooring work scheduled sooner rather than later. Common floor damage after the holiday season includes holes, cracks, spalling and failed overlayments. Making minor repairs to these items now will make a big difference in preventing larger issues down the road.

Consider Daily Maintenance Products

Incorporating daily floor maintenance products into your cleaning and maintenance schedule can help improve the look of your floors all while extending their service life. Products such as daily maintenance pads and cleaners are great options to help keep your floors safe and looking great at all times. After your retail space experiences heavy foot traffic, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that you have a variety of in-house products ready for use.

Learn More

From training programs for your in-house maintenance staff to additional maintenance programs and products, there are a variety of additional solutions that can enhance the quality, safety and appearance of your floors. The more educated you are about what’s available for you, the better off you’ll be when it comes to making the best flooring decisions for your business. Learn more about different maintenance options for your floors, and consider making an improvement to your floors in 2020.

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